Do you Believe in Aliens?

Diego Mendoza and Rich Rehberg, Staff Writer

Not Here!

Students continue to debate that age-old question about whether aliens exist or not.

Not only do aliens not exist, there is mathematical evidence to abolish the idea of life outside our world. It is physically impossible for aliens to exist.

Anybody who understands how the universe works and functions will be able to understand the concept of why extraterrestrial life is impossible. Yes, the universe is constantly expanding, the universe is infinitely large, but understanding what these terms signify can open the window and allow us to realize we are the only ones of our kind.

What is “infinity?” The word is something that is hard to wrap our minds around, as we are physically and psychologically incapable of understanding its true value. Simply stated, it defines a value that has no end.

It is helpful to add the concept of “infinity” into thinking of our universe. With the universe constantly expanding, there is no limit or boundaries to make the universe just stop at a certain size. We can therefore apply the the term of “infinity” when describing the universe.

There is no need to use what you learned in Calculus to understand the simple mathematics that applies to this phenomenon. Instead, common sense is just needed to comprehend the relationship between life and infinity.

You see, in infinity, numbers cannot repeat: they can be extremely similar, but can never be the same number. To make this theory simpler, it is easier to think of a more common number, such as pi which is distinguished by an infinite set of non-repeating digits.

But what would happen if somewhere along the middle, just a single digit was changed? For most people, this wouldn’t matter as we only pay attention to the first three or four digits of pi. Yet in reality, pi wouldn’t be pi. It would be a completely new number with a completely new value.

Now, what would happen if we applied this concept in our own universe? Like an infinite size, the universe contains an infinite amount of matter which cannot be either created or destroyed. All matter in the universe can be measured with the number of atoms the substance contains, including a planet as large as ours. Even with a change of one atom, a planet almost identical to Earth would not be Earth. The value of the mass of the planet would be a complete different number compared to that of Earth.

For those who believe a planet just like Earth is possible, we need to again think about simple math and apply common sense to understand how this would be a problem. In class, when we divide two numbers of the same value together, the answer is always one. In the same way, if we were  to have two values of matter with the exact same quantity, the matter would not exist. This would mean that because of the infinite size, all matter would eventually have to repeat.

Then what would happen? Actually, the question would be what would not have happened? The answer: everything. See, if all matter repeated itself, to have the exact characteristics of every atom in its counterpart, then nothing would exist. Mathematically, everything would cancel together and become a single substance. There would be no stars, no planets, no life.

The reason we exist is because of the way infinity functions. Life is a gift that only our planet is capable of because of the specific characteristics and quantity of every single atom. Out of the infinitely large universe, we are the only place where life can be held. It is useless to keep on spending time into searching for aliens, as aliens have no possibility in being discovered.


Yes, Aliens Exist

Do aliens exist? This is the question that has baffled the minds of not only the common person but also the scientists and the more specifically the ones who do this for a living.

How do we know this is true?  Well, since we cannot physically see the alien life, we use circumstantial evidence and eyewitness accounts from real people’s real experiences, including information from government officials and agencies.  Aliens do, in fact, exist and it is only a matter of time before first contact.

This is just one way to find extraterrestrial life forms outside our small pocket of the universe.  But, what if aliens have already reached Earth? Signs and sightings have been happening all over the world since humans can remember,  but what exactly are these people seeing?  How about the ever more curious layout of ancient buildings and wall writings, do they have extraterrestrial meanings?  These question’s may never be answered although we do have some very intriguing evidence more towards the modern era. One of these examples is the Roswell crash in 1947. During the summer of 1947, a UFO crashed, reportedly 30 to 40 miles Northwest of Roswell, New Mexico. The site was immediately taken over by the military and law enforcement.

One of the most recent and significant sightings was the Yeni Kent sighting in Turkey.  Several witnesses say they saw the strange UFO aircraft and it was also videotaped over the span of four months.

Another famous example was the UFO sightings at Washington D.C.  in 1952.  Strange blips were reported by three local airports and this ultimately lead the CIA to form Robertson Panel.

Last but most definitely not least was the Hill abduction in 1961.  Barney and Betty Hill claimed to be abducted by aliens.  They reported to be followed in their car by a flying saucer and then abducted and put under intense physical examination.

Aliens do exist and in 1961, Frank Drake developed the “Drake Equation” to verify this claim.  The “Drake Equation” is a mathematical way of singling out planets based on their characteristics and their stars.  N=N* fp Ne fi fi fc fL is the official equation which measures how many stars a galaxy has,  how many of those stars have planets orbiting them, then planets per star capable of sustaining life, then the fraction of planets where life evolves, next where life is intelligent, the civilization that communicates, and finally how many communicating civilizations live.

Even if the Drake Equation were to say that there were only 10,000 life-sustaining planets, which might not even be remotely close to the Milky Way galaxy, it still shows that there’s a possibility of life elsewhere.

Now whether you believe these enticing stories of abduction and alien aircraft is a matter of choice.  Until first contact, the alien question may just be the biggest quandery in modern science.