Prom Final Reminders for this Weekend


Mallory Kaster, Senior Staff Writer

With prom quickly approaching, juniors and seniors at Notre Dame are finding it difficult to focus on anything else.

However, because prom is different than any other NDA dance, many questions arise, especially from juniors and other students attending for the first time. But have no fear, all your questions are answered here!

1. Decide what is important to you

For girls especially, there are a lot of options for your look on prom night, from nails to hair to your dress. However, you don’t want to break the bank. It is after all a one night event. Maybe you could opt out of a manicure and instead decide to splurge on your makeup. Buy a $6 fake nail kit instead of paying $20 for a manicure. They will look just as good but be much cheaper, and you can apply them whenever you want instead of trying to schedule one in the midst of hair and makeup appointments. Also, if you have a friend who is good at hair or makeup, maybe they could help you instead of having it done professionally. This will also be much cheaper.


2. Don’t be late

This is not the time to be “fashionably late.” When you arrive at the Tundra Lodge, there will be a line of students checking in. Arrive early so you can get in, check in your belongings, and be seated. This will also allow extra time for socializing and pictures.


3. Wear comfortable shoes

This applies for guys and girls. Heels and dress shoes are great for pictures, but not for comfort. Bring a pair of flats or tennis shoes to wear for the dance. This will make the night much more enjoyable.


4. Bring a bag with your name on it for your dress/tux

When changing into your swimsuit, you will need to put your dress/tux in a bag on a rack. Make sure the bag has your name on it so it’s easier for you to locate your dress/tux after swimming. Also bring extra clothes to change into after swimming. You won’t want to leave the Tundra early in the morning wearing your wet swimsuit.


5. Bring money for professional pictures

Professional photographers will be at the Tundra during and after dinner. This is a great and fairly inexpensive way to capture great moments. Bring money and gather up friends and treasure the memories forever.


6. Makeup remover is key

If you keep your makeup on for swimming, you will end up looking like a raccoon, so make sure you remove most of your makeup before swimming. Also have extra ponytails and bobby pins to put your hair up for the waterpark. You can also use the ponytails to put your hair up during the dance-it gets fairly warm.


7. More than anything, have fun

Prom is a night you will be talking about for years.  So whether you have a date or not, it can be enjoyable as long as you have a positive attitude. So grab your dancing shoes and your friends and make it a great night!