Sweetheart Switch & Fall Fest Dances: Date or No Date

Danielle Lippert, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Last Saturday was Notre Dame’s Sweetheart Switch dance, and we had Fall Fest in the fall. Sweetheart Switch is the dance where the roles are switched, and the girl asks the guy to the dance.

The big thing about a dance is going with a date, but what is really the better option? Go with a date or go with friends?

Both of the options have their pros and cons. In both ways, the dance, and the whole night, can be an unforgettable event.

“I went with a date for Fall Fest and I felt restricted. It seemed like you had to be with them the whole night or you were an awful date,” said freshman Lily Schumacher. “Going to Sweethearts without a date was a lot of fun. It was nice to do what I wanted and to hangout with friends.”

Going to a dance without a date can be a ton of fun. It’s always a great time hanging out with friends and not caring what other people think. On the other hand, what about the slow dances? Do you just stand on the outside and wait, or go to the gym and wait out the slow song?

If you go with a date, it can also be a lot of fun. You don’t have to hang out with him or her the whole night; it’s okay to go hang out with your friends. When you go with a date, you’re able to hang out with your friends and be able to slow dance with someone when it comes to the slow songs.

On the other hand, being with a date can be very nerve-racking. You might feel nervous or scared you’ll trip up. If you want to go with a date, think it out a little bit. Don’t ask a guy you barely know; it will make for an awkward night with not a lot of talking. Go with someone you’ve known for a while, and it’ll be much better.

I went to Fall Fest without a date, but I went to Sweetheart Switch with one. I had a lot of fun at both, and going with friends and going with a date were equally fun. I had a great friend group I went with for Fall Fest and had a lot of fun. For Sweethearts, I went with a really good friend of mine and also had a ton of fun.

So no matter what you chose to do, date or no date, you will have fun at the dance. . . . As long as you make the most of the night and focus on having fun!