Academy Chatter: What’s the best way to ask a date to Fall Fest?


Connor Hennigan, sophomore: “By using Starbucks.”

Eric Ritchay, sophomore: “Filling a room full of balloons that say Fall Fest.”

Avery Lyons, sophomore: “A basketball that says something about Fall Fest.”

Tommy Jensen, sophomore: “Writing it in the sky.”

Jackson Stromeyer, sophomore: “Write a song.”

Adam Roitstein, sophomore: “In front of a class.”

Jay Stadtmueller, sophomore: “Making a cake for that person.”

Fernando Yanez, sophomore: “With a football after a game.”

Max Roitstein, senior: “With a basketball in school.”

Grant Shilbauer, sophomore: “Make a sign or always use Starbucks.”Jacob Hardy, junior: “I lit her driveway on fire in the letters ‘Fall Fest?’

Will Motquin, junior: “Wrote in Legos– ‘Lego to Fall Fest’ ”

Lauren LaPointe, junior: “When Evan asked, ‘To haul my buns’ with cinnamon buns.”

Jon Zacharias, sophomore: “When Weber didn’t ask anyone.”

Jake Elmer, senior: “When a girl got pulled over by a cop and asked her with a ticket.”

Will  Leggett, senior: “Robert Petitjean, peanut butter and jelly.”

Jacob Zeise, senior: “David Nelson locker combination proposal.”

Brennan Van Wychen, junior: “Thomas Shade awkwardly walking over to Katelyn Morgan’s locker with a small cookie cake.  Asked her.  Then walked away.”

Paige Vaughn, junior: “When somebody wrote Fall Fest? outside the atrium doors in chalk.”

Emily Smits, junior: “Reese Johnson asked Claire Rotherham with his new puppy that had a tag on it that said ‘Fall Fest?’ ”

Gage Garrity, senior:
“Cole Cupit asking at a pep rally freshman year or when someone wrote a song and had the band play it for his girlfriend during lunch.”

Benjamin Lelinski, sophomore: “When Cameron Snyder asked Marie Hinkfuss to Fall Fest using a billboard.”

Madison Hansen, freshman: “A friend and I had the idea for a friend to get a BAJA BLAST from Taco Bell and say, “It would be a BAJA blast to go with you” and he actually did it!”

Katie Romes, sophomore: “When Ben Lelinski asked Deidre Bellmore with a bunch of signs that said “Fall Fest” freshman year.”

Madison Remington, junior: “Last year when someone had someone come serenade them at lunch.”

Nicole Michaletz, sophomore: “With a sign.”

Marion Hermitanio, sophomore: “When Charlie Lemkuil asked Tori Gantz in math class freshman year.”

Nadine Durar, sophomore: “I would want someone to drive up in a Batman car, hand me a kitten, and say ‘Be my Catwoman?’ .”

Mrs. Kirschling, staff: “There’s been a lot, but the fake referral slips were always cute. Also anything that involves Dr. Ravizza.”

Meghan Yakel, sophomore: “Spelling out fall fest in candles and saying, “Let’s light it up on the dance floor.”

Bailei Anders, sophomore: “Scavenger hunt and three people asked with fall fest written on their stomach.”

Olivia Escalante, sophomore: “Buffalo Wild Wings.”

Maig McHugh, sophomore: “Straight up ask them.”

Maddie Woodward, sophomore: “Standing up in front of the entire school.”

Whitney Walczyk, sophomore: “Having them get stopped by a cop.”

Claire Sievert, sophomore: “Someone once held roses in the hallway and then took the person to the auditorium and sang to them to ask them to Fall Fest.”

Emily Conard, sophomore: “Buying myself my own ticket.”

Allison Rakers, sophomore: “Making a sign.”

Steven Gerbers, junior: “Cookie Cake.”

Courtney Tilkens, freshman: “With a volleyball.”

Emma Neumeyer, senior: “Bought me shoes.”

Elizabeth Lesatz, freshman: “With a fish-e-food (fish food).”

Mitchell Grzybowski, junior: “Balloon with a question in it.”

Rachel Stover, freshman: “Candies spelling Fall Fest.”

Jonathan Zacharias, sophomore: “A box of chocolate.”

Kassie Baeten, junior: “Decorating my bedroom.”

Mrs. Hall, faculty: “When Ben Cao sang a song asking someone in class.”

Ryan “Fuzz” French, freshman: “Kristen Burkel filled Jake’s room with balloons and he had to find the ones that said sweethearts?”

Will Campion, senior: “Not sure but asking Ingrid Hirte was dope.”

Nick Wagner, senior: “Robert asking Mariah with roses…LOL.”

Shannon Kaufmann, senior: “When Will gave Emma shoes.”

Michael Trgovac, junior: “Jack Kumbalek asking with candles outside of his girlfriend’s house.”

Max Pallini, sophomore: “RC plane and flying a banner behind it.”

Jack Kumbalek, junior: “John Leonhard asking Claire Rotherham with glowsticks.”

John Leonhard, junior: “Jack Kumbalek asking Olivia Nelson with a volleyball.”

Andrew Zipp, junior: “Kendall Lisowski came to my house with a pizza that said, “This is cheesy, but will you go to Fall Fest with me?”  The hormones kicked in, wasn’t really thinking, so I kissed her on the lips.”

Teddy Suda, senior: “Used flowers and a poem.’

Elena Martin, junior: “For me the most memorable way would be asking it in the middle of class singing a song”

Anna Huntley, freshman: “Straight up”

Rebekah Boucher, freshman: “I would like him to put a radio on his shoulder and play romantic music and sing me a song about going to the Fall Fest with him.”

Angela Owens, freshman: “Just saying ‘What’s up?’ and asking it.”

Mary Beth Healy, freshman: “In a poem.”

Mary Claire Matthews, freshman: “With a Barbershop Quartet.”

Karenna Lamm, freshman: “Singing a beautiful song for me.”

Mia Turek, freshman: “Buying me a pizza and writing on the top the question.”

Katie Kyles, freshman: “Everything. Flowers, posters and food.”

Abbey Comark, freshman: I would like him to take Pop Tarts and write a letter of the question in each one of them with frosting.”

Lizzie Opichka, sophomore: “A t-shirt with names on it, where you wash it and only the permanent marker name stays on.”

Emily Johnson, sophomore: “A glow stick path.”

Bailee Anders, sophomore: “A candy bar poster.”

Kaycee Gierczak, sophomore: “I got asked where I had to make a bball hoop and say yes.”

Marijo Lesatz, junior: “I would like to get asked with food to be honest.”

Morgan Van Drisse, sophomore: “I would like to be asked with a volleyball.”

Molly McKenna, sophomore: “Something cute, a creative sign or with flowers.”

Mike Gregoire, sophomore: “I would make a cute, creative sign with lots of flowers and balloons.”

Jon Fry, sophomore: “I would ask a girl with Starbucks.”

Jabriil Nur, senior: “A mustache sign.”

Ben Cao, junior:  “I sang a song to that girl and ask her do you want go to the Fall Fest with me.”

Nicholas Haske, junior: “ A huge banner.”

Haoyu Sun, junior: “I would just go pull her hands and ask her.”

Hanzhen Nie, senior: “Just speak out.”

Herbet Tan, junior: “Ask someone in the Anime club.”

Maria Haske, junior: “With a sign and flowers.”

Mrs. Thillman, faculty: “A guy asked a girl in his Honors English class using my vocabulary quiz.”

Mr. Dietzo, faculty: “Someone asked by having it on the last slide of their PowerPoint.”

Brenda Aguilar, junior: “Someone asked by painting the question on the back of a dog.”

Ms. Simon, faculty: “A locker full of balloons.”

Mr. Weiss, faculty: “You guys go over the top. Just ask her.“

Noah Eastman, sophomore: “Just ask someone.”

Frau Laaksonen, faculty: “Someone actually put a real fish in someone’s locker.”  

Joel Haas, sophomore: “Lambeau Jumbotron.”

Andy Lampereur, sophomore: “Jumping out of an airplane.”  

Aldo Gonzalez, sophomore: “A blimp with a  banner with Fall Fest on it.”

Maggie Miller, sophomore: “At their sporting event/game.”

Ally Landwehr, sophomore: “At the most embarrassing time possible.”

Ben Durkin, senior: “During church.”

Jon Fry, sophomore: “At a Brewers game.”

Hanna Lech, junior: “Not getting asked at all.”

Brendan O’Neill, junior: “After school.”

Jadon Motquin, junior: “Through a text.”

Katrina Dietsch, junior: “With food.”

Charlie Urick, junior: “Asking at the Dance <3.”

Ryan O’Connell, junior: “Shaving FF into your head.”

Emily Lelinski, junior: “Having a scavenger hunt with little clues and gifts.”

Cassie Klim, junior: “With food, it’s a definite way to get a date. Who wouldn’t want food??”

Erika Odberg, junior: “Football game proposals.”

Chloe Ledvina, junior: “The most memorable way to ask someone to FF was my freshman year when Joe Kemmerling asked his girlfriend to FF by playing Phantom of the Opera, and wearing the half mask.”

Ariana Martinez, freshman: “I liked the way a boy asked a girl with a volleyball, because her favorite sport is volleyball.”

Nick Messerschmidt, junior: “Shut off all the lights in the school, go over the loudspeaker and say ‘Attention students, there is an emergency in the commons,’ and when everyone gets there, take the mic and say “Want to go to Fallfest?” Then hand her $50,000 cash, and a Dilly bar from DQ, and when she accepts the Dilly bar, say “PSYCH,” then take it and eat it as fast as you can right in front of her while making a huge mess.”

Charlie Urick, junior: “Skydive down to her.”

Katelyn Morgan, junior: “Flash mob.”

Eleanor Sladek, junior: “To be asked in Spanish.”

Maddie VanSaders, senior: “By carrier pigeon.”

Nichole Michaletz, sophomore: “With a song.”

Tessa Hingtgen, sophomore: “By candles in the yard.”

Katarina Kussow, sophomore: “By the sport the play.”

Carolyn Tressler, senior: “On a big screen at a Packer game.”

Sophie Harpt, senior: “In skywriting.”

Monica Majeski, senior: “By a poem.”

Jett Jaraczewski, senior: “By a dog.”

Nick Wagner, senior: “Buy a cat, shave its hair and tattoo the words ‘Fall Fest with Nick.’ ”

Jacob Zeise, senior: “When I told my dad to ask her dad and he said yes.”

Blake Olejniczak, senior: “Referrals are the most interesting because a person thinks they are getting two detentions but they are getting asked to Fall Fest…LOL.”

Hunter Mura, senior: “Starbucks never fails.”

Hunter Vanduyse, senior: “Girls never say no to candy.”

Zach Kellner, freshman:  “Poster and flowers.”

Alex Schneider, senior: “Signs are lame! Ask the person directly.”

Andrew Devroy, senior: “I honestly don’t know.”