Academy Chatter: If you could visit any foreign country, what would it be and why?

Journalism I students, Staff Contributor

Aaron Gerondale, senior: “Argentina because of my family’s heritage.”

Peter DeGroot, senior: “Barcelona because it sounds and looks cool.”

Zach Janssen, senior: “Bhutan just because.”

Antonio Nelson, senior: “I like it here.”

Ben Durkin, senior: “Costa Rica because I can surf daily.”

Jack Martzke, senior: “Lichtenstein because they speak German and the country is like 20 square miles big.”

Ethan Diestler, senior: “Greece so I can live in a corrupt country.”

Jack Brandt, senior: “ Canada so I can play hockey.”

Adam Ronsman, senior: “Oregon so I can put out fires.”

Alma Torres, senior: “Jamaica because the weather is beautiful.”

Jackson Stromeyer, sophomore: “I would go to Italy because they have good food.”

Tommy Jensen, sophomore: “Germany sounds fun.”

Eric Weycker, sophomore: “France because it is really nice there.”

Grant Shilbauer, sophomore: “China because it looks pretty fun.”

Brian Feng, sophomore: “China because I have family there.”

Avery Lyons, sophomore: “Kenya because it’s warm there.”

Fernando Yanez, sophomore: “Mexico because I have family there.”

Connor Bell, sophomore: “Mexico because Fernando would be there.”

Eric Ritchay, sophomore: “Italy because it is really cool there.”

Ali Landwehr, sophomore: “Norway. It seems fun to be there.”

Antonio Salerno, junior: “Italy to see the Coliseum, Vatican, and the Tower of Pisa.”

Madison Remington, junior: “France to go shopping and to visit the Eiffel Tower.”

Sam Bruns, junior: “Thailand because it looks so cool there.”

Alex Arnold, junior: “Germany because of all of the cool history and architecture.”

Tyler Bergner, sophomore: “Korea to help the kids that are starving.”

Ben Lelinski, sophomore: “Africa to do a big game hunt.”

Gina Kerscher, junior: “France because it’s a beautiful country and I’ve been there before.”

Sinead Van Dreese, junior: “Ireland because I would want to visit my family there and also because it’s so beautiful.”

Olivia Seering, sophomore: “China because I think the culture and language would be awesome to learn.”

Reid Kaster, freshman: “Probably Brazil because I’d love to see the states and stuff.”

Olivia Allen, sophomore: “Oh this is hard. I would have to say Bora Bora because it’s so beautiful and I love the ocean.”

Payton VanPelt, sophomore: “Italy because I’m very Italian and it’s just a magical place.”

Claire Sievert, sophomore: “France because it’s so pretty and I love the language.”

Danielle Lippert, sophomore: “I would want to go to London, England.”

Mrs. Brown, faculty: “I would want to go to Switzerland to see my son.”

Katie Romes, sophomore: “England! Because I love English accents!”

Christopher Kapic, sophomore: “Australia because they have cool accents. Or any European country to explore or learn history about.”

Emily Lelinski, junior: “Costa Rica.”

Lily Brada, sophomore: “Germany because I’m in German class and my heritage traces back to Germany.”

William Guevara, sophomore: “England, just because I want to travel.”

Grady Brick, freshman: “Australia because it seems like a cool place.”

Ellie Coles, sophomore: “Italy because it’s pretty cool and I haven’t been there since I was little.”

Charles Kippley, freshman: “Germany because it looks nice.”

Megan Landwehr, senior: “Fiji because the water is so clear and I think staying in one of those little huts over the water would be awesome.”

Kennedy Morgan, sophomore: “Bora Bora because of the clear blue water and beautiful mountains.”

Maddie Woodward, sophomore: “England because I love London.”

Elizabeth Bobinski, senior: “England because I’ve always wanted to go there!”

Allison Rakers, sophomore: “I would want to live in Australia because of Finding Nemo and I heard it’s a pretty cool place.”

Abby Anderson, sophomore: “Canada because of hockey and everyone seems really nice there.”

Mary Claire Matthews, freshman: “Ireland because I’m Irish, it is really pretty and I have family there.”

Mary Beth Healy, freshman: “France because I want to see the Eiffel Tower.”

Anna Huntley, freshman: “Lithuania because I made a lot of connections with a lot of people there and I would like to see them again.”

Abbey Comark, freshman: “Italy because that is where my family is from and I really like pasta.”

Mia Turek, freshman: “Italy because I’ve always wanted to go to Venice and I really like pasta.”

Rebekah Boucher, freshman: “England because I want to see the London Eye and the Big Ben.”

Anna Grzelak, freshman: “Poland because my ancestors are from there and I’ve always wanted to go.”

Duncan Riedi, freshman: “England because there is  lot of cool places to visit like the Royal Palace.”

Karenna Lamm, freshman: “France because I have been learning French for a long time”

Ben Jersen, freshman: “Canada because it is close and cool.”

Sarah Zarvan, junior: “Australia, there are great views, beaches and scuba diving/snorkeling.”

Anya Carlson, junior: “New Zealand to mountain climb.”

Rachel Sladky, junior: “Ireland to go hiking.”

Lizzie Opichka, sophomore: “Paris to see the Eiffel Tower.”

Emily Johnson, sophomore: “Italy, for the food.”

Bailee Anders, sophomore: “Fiji, the commercial for Fiji water is really cool.”

Alex Papacosta, sophomore: “Bora Bora for the beautiful ocean and those huts on the water.”

Kaycee Gierczak, sophomore: “Paris to see the Eiffel Tower.”

Jack Allen, sophomore: “Australia, because of the kangaroos.”

Maria Ehlinger, junior: “Greece because of the beautiful water.”

Melissa Wilke, junior: “Italy because of the good food.”

Mr. Greisen, faculty: “Italy for the food, specifically Gelato, culture, and the Vatican.”

Ian Spaulding, sophomore: “Paris, France. Where else?”  

Brady Kurowski, sophomore: “France, for the same reason as Ian.”

Noah Eastman, sophomore: “Germany to help me with my German class.”

Hans Ernst, sophomore: “Norway to ski

Mr. Feick, faculty: “New Zealand, Beautiful country.”

Katherine VandenHeuvel, sophomore: “Japan because it’s cool.”

Zach Jerzyk, sophomore: “Japan, Culture.

Bekah White, sophomore: “It is hard to choose one, but my top three are Japan for its culture,Germany to help me with my German class,and New Zealand for Hobbit holes.”

Brenda Aguilar, junior: “I would go to Spain, specifically Madrid. Spain is where my family is originally from. It would be nice to visit it. Plus I would like to learn more about the culture.”

Mikayla Neveau, junior: “I would go to Germany because I am mostly German and I would love to see where my family came from, and learn about the culture.”

Erika Odberg, junior: “New Zealand because it’s beautiful!”

Nick Messerschmidt, junior: “I’d visit Fuji because it’s such a beautiful place, and I feel like it’d be a great experience.”

Whitney Walczyk, junior: “I would go to Greece because some of my family has gone there and it looks beautiful.”

Antonio Salerno, junior: “I would go to Italy because they have really good food, a lot of cool tourists spots like the Vatican, the Coliseum, and the Tower of Pisa and stuff. Plus I’m Italian so it would be cool.”

Jack Lemkuil, senior: “I’d go to New Zealand because that’s where my uncle lives, and I never get to see him.”

Sophie Le Mieux freshman: “Australia because the atmosphere seems cool and they speak English. They have a nice weather. The Sydney Opera house would be a cool site to see and the animals there would be cool too. They have cool accents and you discover the amazing ocean. They also beautiful beaches and forests.”

Madison Remington, junior: “France because of the shopping, and to go to the Eiffel Tower.”

Emma Neumeyer, senior: “Australia because I want to study abroad there.”

Shannon Kaufmann, senior: “Australia because I like kangaroos.”

Olivia Campbell, senior: “Greece because I think it is beautiful and I’d like to look at the ancient ruins.”

Barret Collard, senior: “India because elephants are my favorite animal and there are elephant rides on cute elephants.”

Macey VanDenMeerendonk, senior: “England because they have cool accents.”

Katie Kyles, senior: “Germany because I would like to go visit my foreign exchange student friends.”

Alma Torres, senior: “Jamaica because I would like to go somewhere with a beautiful climate.”

Ellie Tressler, sophomore: “Bora Bora because it looks really cool.”

Olivia Moran, senior: “Bora Bora because it is a beautiful place.”

Brooke Marshall, senior: “India because I’d like to experience the culture.”

Baikai Su, sophomore: “China is a good place.”

Jessie Qiu, junior:  “Japan, Anime.”

Ben Cao, junior: “America, culture.”

Nicholas Haske, junior:  “Japan, Pokemon.”

April Xie, senior: “Paris, France.”

Haoyu Sun, junior: “Brazil  to  experience the different language.”

Hanzhen Nie, senior: “I would go to Egypt to see the pyramids and desert.”

Qinghua Han, freshman: “England because there is  lot of cool places to visit like the royal palace.”

Herbet Tan, junior: “I am a Chinese, so I prefer China because it has a lot of delicious food and sights .”

Maria Haske, junior:Italy because it’s pretty cool and I haven’t been there since I was little.”