Academy Chatter: If you could only have 3 apps on your phone or tablet, what would they be and why?


Matt Duffy, senior: “Phone app, message app, and contacts so I can use my phone as a phone.”

Noah Wleczyk, senior: “Message app, Twitter, and Snapchat because I use it to talk to people.

Jeff Vogelsang, senior: “Snapchat, Instagram and Social Chess because I like chess a lot.”

Jordan Pappas, senior: “Snapchat, Instagram and Social Chess, I use them daily.”

Chris Wolcanski, senior: “Twitter, Snapchat, and ESPN because I use them a lot.”

Sam Savona, senior: “Bleacher report, Packer app, and Instagram because I like to keep up with sports.”

Isaac Sidon, sophomore: “Snapchat, Instagram and the music app because I use them daily.”

Jake Darling, senior: “Spotify, messaging and phone app for emergencies.”

Mike Gregoire, sophomore: “Snapchat, Instagram and Madden mobile because I use them always.”

Max Pallini, sophomore: “Twitter, Snapchat, and phone app so I could keep up with the world and see and hear my girl Emily’s face and voice.”Jacob Larsen, sophomore: “Snapchat, Vine and Twitter because I use them every single day.”

Maig McHugh, sophomore: “Snapchat, PowerSchool and Instagram because I like to keep updated on all aspects of my life.”

Izzy Kellner, freshman: “Instagram, Snapchat and Music because they’re the only three I actually use on my phone.”

Maya Filon, freshman: “Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter so I can talk to friends and see pictures.”

Morgan Schram, sophomore: “ Phone, texting, and calendar because that’s the only apps I use.”

Ethan Wheeler, sophomore: “ Clash of Clans for entertainment Snapchat talking to people Spotify for music and entertainment.”

Maggie Miller, sophomore: “ Snapchat to send funny pictures to friends, Twitter is funny, and Instagram to stalk people’s stories.”

Ramon Robles, sophomore: “ Boom Beach, Clash of Clans, and ifunny because I won’t be bored.”

Serena Siudzinski, sophomore: “Vine, Instagram, Youtube some of the videos are very funny.”

Ben Boucher, sophomore: “ Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook because I love them.”

Logan Lemay, sophomore: “ Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook because I can talk to friends.”

Ernesto Navarro, sophomore: “ Minecraft, Boom Beach, and Pizza hut to order pizza.”

Jenna Savona, sophomore: “ Instagram, Snapchat, E! online because usually am really bored.”   

Eleanor Sladek, junior: ‘Phone/ messaging because I want to be able to contact and keep in touch with my family and friends,Photos because I love looking at my pictures , and Candy Crush for those awkward moments when I’m all alone in public and I don’t know what to do… it’s my “emergency game.”

Tyler Bergner, sophomore: “Message app, Facebook, and snapchat to keep in touch with family.”

Antonio Salerno, junior: “Metronome because then I can always be on time, Tuner app so I can always be in tune, and Ultimate Guitar app so I would always know the right lyrics and chords.”

Sinead Van Dreese, junior: “Instagram to know what everyone is up to.. I’m pretty nosy, Pinterest because it literally is my life, and Duolingo because I love me some Spanish!”

Sam Bruns, junior: “Whatsapp because I write with all of my German friends and family, Facebook because it is like a newspaper for young people and then snapchat because it’s kind of cool.”

Reid Kaster, freshman: “Madden Mobil because I love football, Instagram so I could see some cool photography pics, and because that game is amazing!”

Elijah Dercks, junior: “Instagram because I love photography, Photo editor to edit photos, and Snapchat to talk to people.”

Liam Gerl, junior: “Ifunny because it makes me laugh, Find Friends because it finds my friends, and Coin dozer is fun.”

Caleb Baeten, freshman: “Snapchat because I like to communicate, Crossy Road so I can play a game, and my texting app so I can text and make calls.”

Kelly Lamas, junior: “Facebook and Instagram because that’s how I keep in touch with long distance friends, family, or people who I don’t see on the daily. And Haiku because I need it for school.”

Bryce Watzka, junior: “Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat because, I keep up with my friends that way.”

Jake Lebreck, junior: “Instagram, Snapchat and Vine to get a good laugh.”

Sam Nennig, sophomore: Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter to keep up to date with everything.”

Ryan O’Connell, junior: “Quizlet, Conjuguemos, Duolingo, to learn the language of my ancestors.”

Sra. Amy Stover, faculty: “Gmail, Calendar, Weather, need to stay informed to be able to communicate and be organised/prepared.”

Avery Lyons, sophomore: “ESPN, Snapchat, Instagram, keep up with the latest news in sports and also see what friend one up to.”

Ethan Wheeler, sophomore: “Snapchat, Instagram, Spotify, talk to your friends with Snapchat. Stay up to date with everyone. And listen to music.”

Nic Nelson, sophomore: “Snapchat, Instagram, Pandora, to talk to people stay up to date and listen to music.”

Maddie Brusda, senior: Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, to see what ppl are up to, watch snap stories, and find new dessert to make.

Jackie Calba, senior: “Spotify, Instagram, Snapchat, listen to music, talk with friends, see what people are doing.”

Sam Savona, senior: “Instagram, ESPN, Packers app, to see what people are up to keep up with sports keep up with Packers.”

Sam Schmitz, sophomore: “Quizlet-studying, Instagram-social, Music-personal preference.”

Logan Tennity, freshman: “Massages-to talk to people, Madden mobile- it’s addictive, Instagram-to slide into dm’s.”

Madeline Darling, freshman: “Quizlet-to study, Safari-help find out, Messages-communicate with people.”

Emma Panure, junior: “Messages-texting, Pandora-Music, Snapchat-friends.”

Andrea Dellamater, senior: “YouTube-social, Hearthstone-gaming.”

Hanna Leah, junior: “PowerSchool, Haiku, Google docs, excel in my future.”

Isabel Canadeo, junior: “Messages-talk to people, Instagram-see what others people are doing, Spotify-to listen to music.”

Nick Messerschmidt, junior: “Snapchat-girls, Safari-internet, Spotify-music.”

Quinn Dellise, junior: “Messages-communication, Spotify-music, YouTube-entertainment.”

Denalyn Urcavich, junior: Pandora-music, Messages-Communication, Camera-memories.”

Maddi Reise, junior: “Messages-communication, Photos-memories, Apple Music-help me focus.”

Andrea Hall, junior: “Snapchat-communication, YouTube-entertainment, Skype-online friends.”

Kimmy Umentum, sophomore: “Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter because those are the common ones.”

Grace Shaw, sophomore: “Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter because they are social media.”

Alex Papacosta, sophomore: “Powerschool, Family Feud and app because I am a nerd.”

Lizzie Opichka, sophomore: “Would You Rather, Truth or Dare and Monopoly to keep myself busy.”

Emily Johnson, sophomore: “Powerschool, Google Driver and Netflix to entertain myself.”

Kaycee Gierczak, sophomore: “Imessages, Netflix and Snapchat because I use them the most.”

Michael Gregoire, sophomore: “Angry Birds, OoVoo and the calculator app. This is all for pleasure.”

Tommy Matthews, junior: “Settings, Music, and Safari. Only the essentials.”

Nicholas Haske, junior: “Same as Tommy Matthews.”

Baikai Su, sophomore: “QQ, Weixin, App store, QQ that I can contact my parents and App store that I can download apps.”

Jessie Qiu, junior: “QQ, text, email,because they let me can contact with each other.”

Ben Cao, junior: “Snapchat, QQ, App store, because I can’t leave them, if I leave them I get be crazy.”

April Xie, senior: “QQ,Weixin,email, help me contact people.”

Haoyu Sun, junior: “Gmail, calendar, weather, need to stay informed to be able to communicate.”

Hanzhen Nie, senior: “Youku, YouTube, Weixin, help me know the world.”

Qinghua Han, freshman: “QQ,Weixin,App store, let me be completely.”

Herbet Tan, junior: “I don’t have a phone .”

Noah Eastman, sophomore: “Google docs, Gmail and Google apps to do my homework.”

Katherine Vandenheuvel, sophomore: “Astronomy,Whale trail, Graphing app for fun and school.”

Zach Jerczek, sophomore: “ Youtube, Plants vs Zombies, Clash of Clans, just for fun.”

Bekkah Witte, sophomore: “Youtube, I funny, and Google for fun mostly.”

Simon Netta, sophomore: “ Google, Gmail,Chrome web store, I can get everything else from these.”

Aldo Gonzalez, sophomore: “ Facebook,Instagram, and Quizlet for education and for fun.”

Andy Lampereur, sophomore: Twitter,Instagram and Quizlet same reason as Aldo.

Mr. Kevin Feick, faculty: “GMail,Chrome and my camera i get everything from those things .“

Mr. Dan Kriegl, faculty: “Rosary App, the Divine Office app, and Instagram.”

Victor Lin, junior: “Facebook,Snapchat,and a game”

Ryan O’Connell, junior: “Quizlet, conjuguemos, duolingo, to learn the language of my ancestors.”

Sra. Amy Stover, faculty: “Gmail, calendar, weather, need to stay informed to be able to communicate and be organized/prepared. “

Avery Lyons, sophomore: “ESPN, Snapchat, Instagram, keep up with the latest news in sports and also see what friends are up to.”  

Ben Weisner, freshman: “Happy Wheels,Instagram and Snapchat because Happy wheels is fun and I can see what my friends are doing on social media

Micah Dennis, freshman: “Instagram, Snapchat and Subway surfer because social media is fun and I love Subway surfer

Seela Raj, freshman: “Instagram,Snapchat and Itunes because I like to use social media and I like to listen to Music

Richard Andrade, freshman: “Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat because I can use social media to keep up with friends.


Mitch Chosa, freshman: “Snapchat,Flappy Bird and itunes because I always like to listen to music and keep up with social media

Josh Janssen, freshman: “Happy wheels, angry birds and Powerschool so I can keep up with my studies and keep myself entertained

Owen Martzke, freshman: “I would keep Angry Birds, Happy Wheels and  Instagram because they are fun to use.”

Grace Cooper, freshman: “Instagram,Snapchat and Twitter so I can keep up with my friends.”

Audrey Sladek, freshman: “I would keep Twitter Flappy bird and Safari so I can be entertained.”

Emily Lelinski, junior: “Texting, contacts, and photos because I love taking pictures and keeping in touch with my friends.”

Katelyn Morgan, junior: “Flappy Bird because if I sell my phone I would get money. My camera so I could take and look at pictures. Find my iPhone so I could find it when I lost it.”

Eleanor Sladek, junior: “Photos, because I like looking at my pictures. Phone, I need to be able to call and keep my communication with my family and peers. Candy Crush, I like to have one game on my phone in case I’m alone somewhere and I don’t know what to do.”

Madison Remington, junior: “Photos, they are visual memories of the important events in my life. Camera, I can continue taking pictures. Phone, so I can keep in contact with my friends and family.”

Kassie Baeten, junior: “Phone, so I can get in contact with people. Camera, so I can capture great moments. Texting, because I text a lot, and it helps me talk to everyone.”

Sinéad Van Dreese, junior: “Instagram, so I know what everyone’s up to because I’m nosy like that. Pinterest, because I can’t live without it. Duolingo because I love me some Spanish.”

Antonio Salerno, junior: “Metronome, because then I could always be on time. Tuner app, so I could always be in tune. Ultimate Guitar App, so I would always know the right lyrics and chords.”

Jack Lemkuil, senior: “Camera, because I love taking photos. Messages, because I like keeping in touch with friends. Instagram, so I can look at other photos people take.”

Stephanie Huss, freshman: “Instagram, Snapchat, and iMessage because they keep me in touch with my friends, and especially the ones far away.”

Andrew Quigley, senior: “Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat because I said so.”

Thomas French, freshman: “Angry Birds ( for when I get bored), Spotify (for music), and Snapchat.”

Emily Burgess, freshman: “Spotify (for music), Snapchat (to talk to friends) , monument valley.”

Jordan Pappas, senior: “ Twitter, Snapchat, Chess (because I like social media and chess).”

Lauren Hummel, sophomore: “Instagram, Pandora, Netflix (because they are entertaining).”

Massiel Mendoza, sophomore: “Youtube, Spotify,Netflix (they bring me happiness).”

Mrs. Treena Leonhard, staff: “Facebook, Email, Calendar (because I use them everyday).”

Mrs. Katie Gelb, faculty: Pinterest (for recipes), ( to look up words I don’t know), leudat ( for prayers).

Alex Papacosta, freshman: “Powerschool, Family Feud, Google Docs (because I’m a nerd)

Lizzy Opichka, freshman: “Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter (to keep up with friends).”

Kaycee Gierczak, freshman: “Imessage, Snapchat, Instagram (because I use them the most)”

Nick Wagner, senior: “Snapchat (I use it daily), Instagram (just cuz), and Buddhify (it makes me feel happy).”

Jett Jaraczewski, senior: “Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter because I use them daily.”

Blake Olejniczak, senior: “Clash of clans, Madden mobile, and Dubsmash because I use them daily.”

Hanna Lech, junior: “Tinder,, and Snapsave.”

Jacob Zeise, senior: “Fart app, Strobe light app, and Ifunny.”

Corinne Meglic, junior: “Netflix, Dubsmash, and Tumblr.”

Skyler Palmer, senior: “Baby Shaker, Pool Blaster, and The Tooth Fairy app.”

Olivia Moran, senior: “I only like games. But I can’t pick just three, I have too many games on my phone.”

Carolyn Tressler, senior: “Insta because I’m proud of it, Snapchat because I like friends and fat booth just cause.”

Brooke Marshall, senior: “I still like Facebook.. and Tumblr is fun and so is Instagram.”

Jr. Lesatz, senior: “Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter because it entertains me.”

Hunter VanDuyse, senior: “Messenger, Instagram and seal fit because it keeps me in touch with friends”

Andrew Devroy, senior: “Messenger, Snapchat and 8 ball pool just because.”

Hunter Mura, senior: “Snapchat to keep me with friends, Dug Dug to play when I’m bored and Super Duge because it’s my favorite game to play.”

Mr. Adam Dietzo, faculty: “ What’s an app?”

Mr. Faris, faculty: “Google translate, twitter and google voice because their cool and really fun to use!”

Alex Schneider, senior: “Twitter and instagram and boom beach! leave me alone im working on my robot!”

Will Motquin, junior: “Smashy road, yahoo fantasy football and snapchat because that way I can be in touch with them and still beat them in games.”

Aaron Gerondale, senior:  “Twitter, snapchat and facebook so I can be entertained.”

Connor Hennigan, sophomore: “Snapchat, Instagram, Espn so I can keep up with new things.”

Jackson Stromeyer, sophomore: “Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram so I can keep up with social media.”

Jay Stadtmueller, sophomore: “Snapchat, Smashy Road, Twitter so I can play games and keep up with all my friends.”

Avery Lyons, sophomore: “Snapchat, Instagram, Espn so I can keep up with friends and sports.”

John Mogan, sophomore: Snapchat, Clash of Clans, Instagram so I can talk to friends and play games.”

Eric Ritchay, sophomore: “Madden Mobile, Smashy Road, Snapchat so I can play games and talk to friends.”

William Guevara, sophomore: “Snapchat, Instagram and my soccer app because I can be social and I like soccer.”

Sam Nennig, sophomore: “Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter to keep up to date with things.”

Elijah Dercks, junior: “Instagram because I love photography, Photo editor to edit photos, and Snapchat to talk to people.”

Ethan Wheeler, sophomore: “Clash of Clans for entertainment, Snapchat talking to people, Spotify for music and entertainment.”

Benjamin Lelinski, sophomore: “Instagram, snapchat, and text messaging so I can keep in touch with people.”

Lilly Brada, sophomore: “Tumblr because I’m obsessed with the pictures, messenger because texting my friends is important (especially those I met abroad). And snapchat because I can also keep in touch with most of them there (for the people that aren’t in the U.S. it’s nice to communicate for free).

Lily Schumacher, sophomore: “Instagram, tumblr, and snapchat. Instagram I can constantly see what’s going on in my friends lives and at the same time my friends and followers can do the same. It’s just fun to be updated. Tumblr is great for me because it’s fun and it’s nice to have something funny and weird that keeps everyone interested. Finally with snapchat it’s a quick way to talk to people and keeps things interesting.

Jack Flis, sophomore: “My messages to stay in touch with my girlfriend, music to get me through homework, and weather app so I can check every morning knowing what to expect.”

Hannah Ciriacks, sophomore: “Snapchat so I can stay in touch, messages so I can also stay in touch and Chrome to look up information.”

Danielle Lippert, sophomore: “Snapchat, notes, and spotify because I use them everyday and Can’t go a day without using them.”

Christopher Kapic, sophomore: “Snapchat, tabs (a guitar chord app), and Youtube.”

Gage Garrity, senior: “Snapchat, music, and messaging. Music number one because it keeps me sane, the other two for keeping in touch.”

Claire Sievert, sophomore: “Music because I love music, texting and messaging because I need to stay in touch with people.”

Noah Jessick, sophomore: “Music, texting, and phone calling because I like music and I like keeping in touch with others.”

William Guevara, sophomore: “Snapchat, Instagram and my soccer app because I can be social and I like soccer.”

Grady Brick, freshman: “Snapchat, Messaging and Phone call app so I can keep up with my friends and family.”

Ellie Coles, sophomore: “Instagram, Messages and Snapchat because I use those the most for communication.”

Zach Kellner, freshman: “Phone, Snapchat and Instagram because to be able to contact people.”

Meghan Yakel, sophomore: “Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter because that’s all I do in my free time.”

Laken Anderson, sophomore: “PowerSchool, Instagram and Snapchat because I use all of them at least ten times a day.”