Academy Chatter: What do you most look forward to about Christmas Vacation?

Academy Chatter: What do you most look forward to about Christmas Vacation?

Lauren Hummel, sophomore: “Being with family and good food.”

Delaney Butterfield, sophomore: “Everything.”

Claire Sievert, sophomore: “Being with family.”

Tessa Jadin, sophomore: “Being with my family.”

Benjamin Lelinski, sophomore: “Singing Christmas songs.”

Gage Garrity, senior: “Seeing my family.”

Beau Bellmore, senior: “Seeing family and sleeping in.”

Maig McHugh, sophomore: “Watching Christmas movies and being with family.”

Hannah Ciriacks, sophomore: “If there’s snow, snowmobiling.”

Lilly Brada, sophomore: “The food–it’s like Thanksgiving plus gifts.”

Grady Brick, freshman: “Going to see my family.”

Emily Conard, sophomore: “Going skiing.”

Maig McHugh, sophomore: “Watching Christmas movies with my siblings.”

Rachel Johnson, freshman: “Spending time with my family.”

Sydney Slack, sophomore: “Getting to sleep in.”

William Guevara, sophomore: “Getting presents.”

Alex Ruiz, sophomore: “Just getting to sleep in.”

Duncan Riedi, freshman: “Not having to do any homework.”

Massiel Mendoza, sophomore: “Giving presents.”

Ellie Coles, sophomore: “When everyone is happy.”

Jenna Savona, sophomore: “Being with my family.”

Raja Hansen, sophomore: “Hanging with my reptile homies.”

David Letter, sophomore: “Being with family.”

Rachel Southwick, sophomore: “Traveling all over visiting my family.”

Tessa Jadin, sophomore: “Spending time with my family.”

Kaycee Gierczak, sophomore: “Spending time with my family.”

Kassie Baeten, junior: “Seeing my whole family.”

Caleb Baeten, freshman: “Opening presents and seeing family that I never see.”

Liam Gerl, junior: “My grandma’s peanut butter balls.”

Reid Kaster, freshman: “Family.”

Nate Ihlenfeldt, junior: “Being able to spend time with family and friends.”

Meghan Dwyer, junior: “Every year my family and I go down to Chicago and I love seeing all of my little cousins and spending time with them.”

Sinead Van Dreese, junior: “Sitting around not having to do anything and also gifts and family.”

Chris May, junior: “I like to spend an extended amount of time with my wonderful family.”

Nick Messerschmidt, junior: “Spending time with family is definitely the best part of the holidays for me.”

Emily Lelinski, junior: “Family time”

Matthew Duffy, senior: “Making a list of gifts…that I want.”

Jeff Vogelsang, senior: “Getting gifts.”

Noah Wleczyk, senior: “Gifts.”

Chris Wolcanski, senior: “Of course getting presents.”

Jordan Pappas, senior: “My Christmas Spirit!”

Sam Savona. senior: “Making a list of gifts.”

Cameron Knight, senior: “Going sledding.”

Ethan Diestler, senior: “Presents.”

Charlie Parish, senior: “Getting a lot of presents.”

Teddy Suda, senior: “My favorite thing about Christmas is presents and other family stuff.”

Marybeth Healy, freshman: “Baking with my family because it is fun.”

Mia Turek, freshman: “Making cookies because it brings up memories.”

Mary Clare Matthews, freshman: “Having fun with my dad because he is awesome.”

Anna Huntley, freshman: “Christmas Eve party because that is the one time of the year we get to have K.F.C.”

Angela Owens, freshman: “Family because I like them.”

Rebekah Boucher, freshman: “Getting to eat different food because it is good and full of memories.”

Abigail Comar, freshman: “Hanging out with friends from Marinette because I don’t get to see them very often.”

Grace Wheeler, freshman: “Snow because it is nice.”

Anna Grzelak, freshman: “My brothers and their girlfriends, because I like hanging out with them and we do fun stuff together.”

Bailee Malcore, freshman: “Sledding because it is fun.”

Hanna Lech, junior: “getting sleep.”

Katie Gapinski, junior: “spending time with family.”

Megan Schumer, junior: “I like to sleep.”

Maddie Kaye, junior: “Christmas”

Jon Sollberger, junior: ” I get free stuff.”

Drew Klysen, junior: “Family time.”

Anabelle Xiong, junior: “Spending time with family.”

Oliver Struger, junior: “Doing ABSOLUTELY nothing.”

Ashlyn Arett, sophomore: “Food and family.”

Mary Zakowski, junior: “Holiday events.”


Grace Shaw, sophomore: “Giving to others.”

Sam Nennig, sophomore: “Getting from others.”

Kimmy Umentum, sophomore: “Listening to Christmas music.”

Nate Gille, sophomore: “Singing Christmas music.”

Bryce Watzka, junior: “I enjoy being around my family.”

Patrick Witte, sophomore: “Giving to others.”

Chris Wolcanski, senior: “Christmas movies.”

Ethan Diestler, senior: “Christmas movies.”

Emily Gerlikovski, senior: “Music and movies.”

Gabby Otto, senior: “I like to watch a lot of Christmas movies.”


Ben Cao, junior:  I like to sleep.”

Nick Haske, junior: “Go travel around Disney.”

Maria Haske, junior: “Usually, my family are going to the Disney Land.”

Kaifeng Tan, junior: “Play the Anime computer game at home.”

Javier Nisthal, freshman:  “I like watching the movie in Christmas.”

Drew Gunville, freshman: “I like go visit my friends.”

Will Roach, junior:  “I always go to the Florida with my family.”

Fernando Yanez, sophomore: “I always sleep and play the computer.”

Ben Rachel, junior: “I always go to my mom’s sister house.”

Jon Fry, sophomore: “I always go watch the All Stars show in NBA.”


Mrs. Brown, faculty: “Seeing my grandkids.”

James Fitzwater, sophomore: My favorite part is going up north, away from people and just listening to the snow fall in the forest. I like it because it is so peaceful and quiet. You get away from it all and relax.”

Andy Lampereur, sophomore:  I would say that the thing I enjoy most about Christmas is how everyone, especially my family, comes together to give and celebrate.”

Nadine Druar, sophomore: I like having time to spend with my friends and family. And Christmas cookies.”

Audrey Sladek, freshman: “I enjoy being able to spend time with my family. That family time is so important and I am so thankful that I get to spend every Christmas surrounded by the people I love.”   


Ben Wiesner, freshman: “Being with family.”

Owen Martzke, freshman: “The gifts.”

Micah Dennis, freshman: “Watching Christmas movies.”

Seela Raj, freshman: “Going to Malaysia to see my relatives.”

Josh Janssen, freshman: “Finals are over.”

Ryan Martin, freshman: “All the gifts that I get.”

Mitch Chosa, freshman: “Spending time with my family.”

Audrey Sladek, freshman: “I enjoy spending time with my family.”

Bella Zent, freshman: “I enjoy the time with my family and christmas movies.”

Rebecca Boucher, freshman: “All the different foods I get to eat.”


Juliette Weslow, junior: “Spending time with extended family.”

Cami Wendricks, junior: “Spending time with family, and not worrying about finals.”

Chelsea Chrusimsky, junior: “Finals will be done.”

Marion Hermitanio, sophomore: “Being able to sleep.”

Claire Therrien, sophomore: “Sleeping in.”

Emily Seidl, sophomore: “No stress for a week.”

Faith Hicks, senior: “No stress about finals.”

Nicole VandenPlas, senior: “Christmas food.”

Kelsey Paluda, senior: “Family time.”

Claire Sternkopf, junior: “Spending time with family.”


Blake Olejniczak, senior: “Seeing my friends and family that come home for Christmas.”

Nick Wagner, senior: “Time to relax and spend quality time with friends and family.”

Jacob Zeise, senior: “Sitting on Santa’s lap.”

Jett Jaraczewski, senior: “Presents.”

Olivia Moran, senior: “Sleeping in because I need more sleep.”

Brooke Marshall, senior: “Getting to see my brother and sister because they don’t come home very often.”

Monica Majeski, senior: “Not having to worry about homework!”

Meghan Vogel, senior: “I can’t wait to sleep and watch Netflix.”

Carolyn Tressler, senior: “I’m excited to go skiing.”


Antonio Nelson, senior: “Spending time with my family.”

Miranda Hansen, senior:  “My family coming home.”

Jack Brandt, senior: “Presents!”

Zach Janssen, senior: “Cleaning the coal out of my stocking.”

Charlie Parish, senior: “Watching the Badgers/Packers.”

Aaron Gerondale, senior: “Being with my family.”

Ethan Diestler, senior: “Christmas movies.”

Alex Trigueros, sophomore: “I want to be with my family.”

Hunter Mura, senior: “Food.”

Jr. Lesatz, senior: “Sleep.”


Fernando Yanez, sophomore: “ I sleep a lot and play games on the computer.”

Jon Fry, sophomore: “I watch Netflix or TV.”

Eric Ritchay, sophomore: “I play madden all day.”

Brian Feng, sophomore: “I play games on my phone hang out with friends.”

Connor Hennigan, sophomore: “I play Eric in madden and lose.”

Avery Lyons, sophomore: “Spend time with family and friends.”

Jay Stadtmueller, sophomore: “I eat a lot and play on my phone.”

Nate Gille, sophomore: “I sing Christmas music.”

Tommy Jensen, sophomore: I spend time with family and relax.”

Jackson Stromeyer, sophomore: I watch Christmas movies and sleep.”