Academy Chatter: What is the best course you’ve taken at NDA and why?

Danielle Lippert and Elizabeth Bolin

Lily Schumacher, sophomore: “German because Frau is the best, and it’s a fun, interesting class.”

Ben Lelinski, sophomore: “Probably mechanical drafting because it really interested me.”

Clare Ravizza, sophomore: “Honors freshman English with Mrs. Brown because I learned a lot, and it was a really fun class environment. Mrs. Brown really helped me develop my writing skills and pushed me to get involved in journalism, which is now my dream career.”

Ben Weber, sophomore: “Honors Pre Calculus with Mr.Havlichek because he’s a great teacher and the class is fun.

Andrew Gruesen, sophomore: “The best course I’ve taken at NDA was ICP because the physics portion helped me understand things I needed to know for getting my pilot’s license. Mrs. Hearden also taught us great study techniques and how to handle difficult classes which are stills I will use throughout my entire academic career.”

Katie Romes, sophomore: “My personal favorite is physical science because Mr. Winkler is one of my favorite teachers, and the kids in the class were really fun.”

Hannah Dercks, sophomore: “Honors English and Theology. Honors English because I have learned so much more about writing that I never have before, and Theology because I have learned more about my faith and myself.”

Dahyana Flores, sophomore: “Probably Honors Freshman English, it was a really fun class, and it prepared me well for many of my classes this year as a sophomore.”

Deidre Bellmore, sophomore: “ICP because Mrs. Hearden teaches so well and you learn how to study for an advanced class.”

Lauren Welker, sophomore: “ICP because I love science, and Mrs. Hearden was an amazing teacher.”

Olivia Escalante, sophomore: “Art because it was a nice break in the day, and I was pretty okay at it.”

Danielle Lippert, sophomore: “Advanced Journalism because I’ve really improved in my writing from it.”

Olivia Allen, sophomore: “Freshman Honors English because we did a lot of fun projects and had a lot of fun.”

Meghan Yakel, sophomore: “Gym because of Mr. Nowak.”

Claire Sievert, sophomore: “English with Mrs. Huntley because it was a thoroughly planned class and that prepared me for this year’s English class. I also really enjoyed Mrs. Huntley. She made class fun, yet challenging, and I really learned a lot.”

Hannah Ciriacks, sophomore: “German because the class is fun, and Frau is the best.”

Molly Gallagher, sophomore: “Art because you don’t have to think too much.”

Jon Zacharias, sophomore: “Honors Biology because it’s really interesting.”

Jacob Larsen, sophomore: “Gym because it’s a good break in the day.”

Nick Markland, sophomore: “Gym because I like doing active things.”

Sam Warpinski, sophomore: “I’m gonna go with Spanish II because ‘in ten years there will be more native Spanish speakers than English speakers in the U.S.of A’ (Amy Stover, 2015) and Spanish is something that will be useful for the rest of my life.”

Mitch Chosa, freshman: “Spanish I with Mrs. Stover because she is savage.”

Claire Kini, freshman: “Spanish I because I love Mrs. Stover.”

Will Templeton, freshman: “Spanish with Mrs. Stover because she is the best teacher.”

Bergin Olson, freshman: “I’d probably say, Honors Algebra II because Mr. Guyette is hilarious.”

Josie Sullivan, freshman: “English with Mrs. Brown because she is amazing.”

Grace Fangman, freshman: “ICP with Mrs. Hearden because she is a good teacher and she knows what she is talking about.”

Katherine Zeise, freshman: “Mrs. Brown’s honors freshman English class because I love Mrs. Brown.”

Grace Balison, freshman: “I like Theology with Mr. Lagerman because it has improved my ability to look at my own personal view on my faith and to interpret scripture.”

Rachel Philipp, sophomore: “Probably ICP because Mrs. Hearden is a great teacher, and she teaches you the material well.”

Anabelle Xiong, junior: “Algebra II because Mrs. Vandehey taught it, and she made math understandable and fun!”

Madeline Darling, freshman: “The best course I’ve taken is ICP because it challenges me to try my hardest at school and use my best learning skills.”

Maya Filon, freshman: “Honors Freshmen English with Mrs. Brown because she’s the most amazing teacher and I’ve learned a lot.”

Nick Koehler, freshman: “French because of Madame.”

Ciara Vandreese, freshman: “I like Physical Science with Mr. Winkler because I not only learn so much but I also have so much fun.”

Anna Schaut, freshman: “I love French because Madame is my favorite!”

Abby Meyer, freshman: “I like Hearden’s ICP because she really prepares you.”

Maya Abujamra, freshmen: “ICP because it prepared me for studying and excelling in future classes and life.”

Ella Tristani, freshman: “Mrs. Brown’s class because it is fun!”

Brelyn McCarron, freshman: “I like Mrs. Stover’s class because it’s fun and educational at the same time, and she always teaches us in a fun and productive way.”