Academy Chatter: What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial?

Delaney Butterfield, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Cole Peters, sophomore: “Definitely Puppy Monkey Baby.”

Shanelle Steeno, junior: “The T-Mobile Steve Harvey one.”

Hannah Scolare, junior: “It’s between the singing sheep and the weiner dog one.”

Delaney Butterfield, sophomore: “Weiner dog commercial.”

Cameron Rottier, junior: “The commercial.”

Isaac Hingtgen, senior: “The Doritos one.”

Gage Garrity, senior: “Doritos commercial.”

Emily Agen, sophomore: “The one with the dogs dressed as hot dogs!”

Ben Richards, junior: “The Drake one.”

Michael Gregoire, sophomore: “Doritos.”

Olivia Escalante, sophomore: “Drake.”

Lily Schumacher, sophomore: “Sheep or the weiner dog one.”

Angela White, junior: “Weiner dog.”

Max Polack, sophomore: “Weiner dog by far.”

Andrea Ovens, freshman: “The weiner dog commercial.”

Claire Edgar, freshman: “Doritos.”

Hannah Dercks, sophomore: “I would say the Kung Fu Panda Wix commercial!”

Ethan Motquin, freshman: “Weiner dog.”

Levi Williams, freshman: “Doritos.”

Jennifer Cluckey, sophomore: “I liked the Heinz Weiner Dog one.”