Academy Chatter: What Makes You Smile?


Triton fans are all smiles after the girls’ basketball game win in Pulaski.

Danielle Lippert, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Heather Ruby, junior: “Walking outside after a long school day and seeing/feeling the sun!”

Lily Schumacher, sophomore: “Marquette winning their basketball games.”

Claire Edgar, freshman: “Good times with friends, my favorite song, and winning a tennis match.”

Claire Therrien, sophomore: “When my alarm goes off on the weekend at 5:30, and I realize it’s Saturday and I go back to sleep.”

Katie Romes, sophomore: “Music.”

Karenna Lamm, freshman: “Friends.”

Daniel Patz, sophomore: “People.”

Theodore Van Straten, freshman: “My friends.”

Kennedy Bowes, freshman: “When my mom is happy.”

Anabelle Xiong, junior: “Nice surprises.”

Natalie Jacques, freshman: “Puppies.”

Owen Martzke, freshman: “Funny things.”

Madelyn Brusda, senior: “Food.”

Marissa Rahn, senior: “Flowers.”

Katie Kyles, senior: “Helping others.”

Ariana Martinez, freshman: “Coming home to my family feeling blessed!”

Kristen Burkel, senior: “Alex Papacosta.”

Niramol Yodsirisuk, junior: “People and friends.”

Morgan McKeefry, senior: “Little kids.”

Maddy Krysiak, freshman: “My friends and family.”

Maya AbuJamra, freshman: “Music.”

Ashley Tuszka, freshman: “My family, friends and horse makes me smile.”

Cole Cullen, sophomore: “Seeing Señora Stover every morning.”

Elizabeth Voigt, senior: “Jokes.”

Ben Weber, sophomore: “Jack Halama.”

Simon Neta, sophomore: “A sunny day.”

Nadine Druar, sophomore: “My friends make me smile most of all.”

Elise Witmer, senior: “Sleepy dogs and finishing IA’s by the deadlines.”

Megan Southwick, senior: “Going on adventures with my best friend.”

Lily Kabat, freshman: “Cute guy texting first.”

Noal Watzka, sophomore: “Alex Ruiz.”

Diana Lei, sophomore: “My family, best friends, a good song, a good movie or a good book.”

Caroline Roznik, senior: “My dog.”

Max Roitstein, senior: “A free body diagram drawn by Mrs. Nelson.”

Christin Roskos, junior: “When I see happiness in other people!”

Jack Gille, junior: “Andrew Zipps’s beautiful smile that brightens my whole day.”

Liam Edgar, senior: “Read receipts from Jack Lemkuil when I ask him about homework.”

Connor Ledvina, sophomore: “Being around my pets, helping others and when the Internet crashes.”

Bergin Olson, freshman: “When people say something funny.”

Kyle Yurek, junior: “Band kids.”

Michael Wengrzyn, senior: “When I make people laugh.”

Hailey Swonger, freshman: “Funny fail videos.”

Lily Stebor, junior: “Eating, to be honest.”

Tian Zhangchi, junior: “Second floor men’s room.”

Andrew Gruesen, sophomore: “Flying at sunset.”

McKellin Beauchamp, freshman: “Food.”

Abby Meyer, freshman: “Bergin Olson.”

Anna Tristani, junior: “Puppies.”

Emily Lelinski, junior: “Being with my friends and family. They always know how to make me smile.”

Ben Rose, junior: “Girls.”

Eric Parks, junior: “Bread.”

Jack Allen, sophomore: “Madi Polack.”

Matt Burke, senior: “Jazz band.”

Kassie Baeten, junior: “My friend Madison Kaster.”

Diego Mendoza, junior: “Taco nights with Richard Rehberg.”

Shanelle Steeno, junior: “Music and, well, band.”

Hannah Dercks, sophomore: “I smile whenever someone says something nice to me, says a funny joke, or tries to help me with something.”

Ali Dewilde, junior: “My twin: Ali Shea and donuts.”

Raija Hansen, sophomore: “My reptiles (which I also call my ‘children’) make me smile quite a bit. They all have a personality of their own and are good listeners, too. You can have a nice conversation with them as well, but only if you know how to listen to them first.”

Maria Weronska, junior: “Friends and family.”

Julia Slusarek, freshman: “Doing the things I love, like playing tennis.”

Maddie Kaye, junior: “Puppies.”

Josey McClain, sophomore: “Things.”

Brehme Quidzinski, senior: “Stalagmites.”

Mitch Chosa, freshman: “Hunting.”

Andrew Wolfram, sophomore: “Seeing others smile.”

Ana Holzbach, sophomore: “Playing the game of hockey!”

Emma Panure, junior: “My puppy Nala.”

Andrea Owens, freshman: “Myself because I’m funny.”

Jay Stadtmueller, sophomore: “My truck, food, girls.”

Ireland Sweeney, junior: “Anabelle Xiong.”

Skyler Palmer, senior: “Getting blue note from Mr. Masarik.”

Kelsey Paluda, senior: “My best friend.”

Cameron Rottier, junior: “Hanging out with my band friends and jamming.”

Andy Lampereur, sophomore: “Pretty much everything.”

Grant Noble, sophomore: “Sra. VW.”

Ali Shea, sophomore: “When someone goes out of their way to be kind.”

Wade Druar, sophomore: “Contraction of my facial muscles.”

Deidre Bellmore, sophomore: “Sweet tea and Dani Lippert.”

Stephanie Huss, freshman: “When you make others happy or feel good about themselves.”

Duncan Riedi, freshman: “My dogs.”

Jack Flis, sophomore: “Playing Jazz trumpet and talking to that special someone.”