Academy Chatter: What are your plans for Spring Break?

Clare Ravizza, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Grace Balison, freshman: “Disney!”

Maya AbuJamra, freshman: “Florida.”

Jordyn Zehms, junior: “Visiting colleges.”

Eleanor Sladek, junior: “The legendary band trip.”

Chloe Ledvina, junior: “IB Music and getting recorded.”

Emily Lelinski, junior: “Going to North Carolina, Myrtle Beach, to share a huge beach house with our extended family. Wish me luck.”

Jacob Biese, freshman: “Going to the Grand Canyon and seeing the Arizona desert.”

Heather Ruby, junior: “Canton Service Trip.”

Matthew Re, freshman: “Going to Arizona.”

Josh Janssen, freshman: “Going to watch Pro-Tennis in Florida.”

Annabelle Whatley, junior: “I’m going on the band trip to Nashville, playing softball and working.”

Cami Wendricks, junior: “The band trip to Nashville!”

Jack Gille, junior: “Going to Andrew Zipp’s basement and collecting moths.”

Alex Socha, junior: “Going to Ohio.”

Maxwell Sonnenburg, freshman: “Vacation.”

Stephanie Huss, freshman: “Going on the band trip and hanging out with friends.”

Ben Richards, junior: “Going to Jamaica with Tommy Tressler.”

Elizabeth Bolin, freshman: “Relax.”

Maria Weronska, junior: “I’m going to Minneapolis.”

Jacob Rose, junior: “Scuba diving in the Keys.”

Claire Edgar, freshman: “A lot of tennis and a little bit of extra sleep.”

Kennedy Bowes, freshman: “Going to Nashville with the band.”

Grace Cooper, freshman: “Going on the band trip.”

Ali Dewilde, junior: “Tour colleges and hang out with Ali Shea.”

Diego Mendoza, junior: “College road trip to Canada.”

Patrick Darling, junior: “Golfing in Florida.”

Natalie Jacques, freshman: “Working and Netflix.”

Cassie Klim, junior: “Going to my condo in Panama City Beach that’s right on the beach!!”

Emily Newell, freshman: “Going to San Diego.”

Shanelle Steeno, junior: “Nashville with band.”

Theo Van Straten, freshman: “Band trip.”

Alana Mencheski, freshman: “Band trip.”

Megan Berndt, freshman: “Boston.”

Kira Gunville, junior: “College visits.”