Spring Play Should Appeal to Students: Murder, Scandal, Romance, Fast Dialogue

Clare Ravizza, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Just as many athletic seasons have begun practices in recent weeks, rehearsals for the spring play, Ashland Falls, have commenced.

This show is a murder mystery, and what I like to call “play-ception.” NDA students play characters in high school who, in turn, are rehearsing for their high school play. It’s set in two different time periods, so it’s double the drama.

I’ve been involved in several plays so far at NDA, but this is the show I’m most excited to perform. I think it also has more audience appeal, as the Shakespeare plays done for the past two years drew little student interest. This year, there’s murder, scandal, romance, and characters with dialogue many may find easier to follow than that of Benedick or Benvolio.

Auditions had a huge turnout this year, which means that the cast that has been chosen is extremely talented. In rehearsals, there’s a comfortable group environment, and we push each other to perform our best.

With each passing rehearsal, the show comes together more and more. As we start to memorize our lines, we’re bringing more to the stage in terms of emotion and overall presence. There’s a lot of very dramatic scenes, and actors really have to commit to make them seem believable.

This week, we’re also filming a trailer for the show to be aired at Cabaret Night. It will give a taste of what Ashland Falls has to offer. The Druar brothers are taking over the responsibility of filming the preview, and the members of the cast will be shown doing clips of their performances.

More than ever before, the plan is to market the show and to generate interest through social media.

I’d definitely encourage everyone to come out and see the show. The cast is very strong, the show is suspenseful, and Mrs. Gilson and Jack Mickelson have done a great job of directing and enhancing the show even more.

Opening night is Thursday, April 14, at 7 p.m.. Shows continue at the same time on Friday and Saturday nights, and the closing matinee on Sunday is at 2 p.m.