Academy Chatter: What is your favorite all-time movie and why?

Clare Ravizza, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Emily Lelinski, junior: “The Ultimate Gift because it really makes you think how lucky you are.”

Emma Del Frate, sophomore: “Safe Haven because I love watching love stories with happy endings.”

Ben Weber, sophomore: “Captain America: Civil War.”

Heather Ruby, junior: “The Rite! I love the story of a soon-to-be priest finally coming to accept God in his life. The actual plotline was very exciting too (albeit quite exaggerated)!”

Jacob Zeise, senior:Pulp Fiction because the cinematography is very unique and original. The story line is also very interesting and entertaining. Also, The Big Lebowski is one of my favorites, the jokes and characters really make it a classic flick!”

Grant Shilbauer, sophomore: “Old School – it’s a classic.”

Zack Jerzyk, sophomore: “Citizen Kane. I actually haven’t seen it, but I’ve heard that it’s been considered by some as the best film of all time. It sounds intriguing, and I want to see it someday.”

Emily Johnson, sophomore: “Drag Me to the Underworld because it shows how my soul feels.”

Hannah Dercks, sophomore: “A Chance at Romance because of the young love.  I love a good romance movie!”

Kennedy Bowes, freshman: “Into the Storm because I thought the fire tornado was the coolest thing in the world I also liked how the father-son bond changed throughout the movie.”

James Fitzwater, sophomore: “Interstellar because it not only looks good, but it is also scientifically correct.”

Niramol Yodsirisuk, junior: Harry Potter because I got to know the different culture and feel like I want to go to ballroom like them.”

Emily Luebke, senior: “Something Borrowed because it’s a great chick flick.”

Tian Zhangchi, junior: “听说 saw the life follow different perspective.”

Gabby Dupont, junior: “Anything that has Will Ferrell in it. I love his humor.”

Katie Romes, sophomore: Star Wars – best movie ever made.”

Danielle Lippert, sophomore: Now You See Me because it’s a magic movie, and they show how they did all of the tricks. It’s a really cool movie.”

Stephanie Huss, freshman: “Marley and Me because it makes you feel so many emotions at the same time.”

Eliza Stackhouse, sophomore: Zootopia because there are sloths during the movie.”

Diana Lei, sophomore: “My favorite movie…… There are a lot. The best one will probably be the Imitation Game starring Benedict Cumberbatch. He is one of my favorite actors, and I like the way he acts in the movie, also the deeply hidden emotional appeal it gives me.”

Marisa Jacques, junior: Curious George because the art direction is so unique and vibrant.”
Maria Weronska, junior: Divergent series-I love the creativity and action of it.”

Dr. Ravizza, principal: About Time–great cast, great message, and great soundtrack.”

Deidre Bellmore, sophomore: How to Train Your Dragon. I guess I am a kid at heart, but it is adorable.”

Grace Caldie, senior: Perks of Being a Wallflower because it is super cheesy and it makes me cry.”

Brehme Quidzinski, senior: Four Lions. It is a great satire on subjects that you wouldn’t really know about.”

Ben Durkin, senior: “Super Troopers because it contains certain humors that pertain to my personality!”

Christopher Kapic, sophomore: Bull Durham because it is a hilarious take on America’s Pastime.”

Robert Petitjean, senior: “The Longest Ride because it offers two love stories of falling in love but from two totally different time periods.”

Carmen Lewis, sophomore: The Book of Life because it has amazing animation and beautiful music rooted in Mexican culture and heritage.”

Lizzy Smith, senior: Pride and Prejudice (BBC Version) is my favorite movie because I can never get enough of it!”

Maddie Brusda, senior: The Proposal–so funny.”

Grace Purcell, freshman: Orca: Killer Whale.

Sinead Van Dreese, junior: Titanic because it’s just the best.”

Lily Schumacher, sophomore: The Graduate because it has phenomenal acting and an intriguing story.”

Karenna Lamm, freshman: “Mean Girls because it’s super funny, and I never get tired of watching it.”

Wade Druar, sophomore: “Die Hard, Classic case of AMERICA!”

Nadine Druar, sophomore: “My favorite movie is Avengers because I love the characters, plot, and humor in it.”

Hannah Vanden Heuvel, freshman: 7 Pounds because it has a great plot.”

Elizabeth Voigt, senior: The Longest Ride because I love movies about country people falling in love.”

Ireland Sweeney, junior: Casi Casi as shown by Doctora!”

Daniel Patz, sophomore: Captain America: The Winter Soldier because of the action and the suspense.”

Ben Krysiak, senior: Barbie and the Diamond Castle–this fast-paced action movie gets my heart pumping and leaves me in suspense at each scene. I recommend this movie to a mature audience who strive to live life on the edge.”

Julia Slusarek, freshman: Maze Runner because I never knew what was going to happen next.”

Emma Riedi, junior: Aristocats because I like the little cats singing in British accents.”

Cameron Rottier, junior: Star Wars: The Force Awakens because Old Han Solo is a bro.”

Sam Schmitz, sophomore: Back to the Future–a movie that my family only watches once a year on New Year’s. I always look forward to it.”

Matt Hummel, freshman: “Fast and Furious 7 because Vin Diesel is in it, duh.”

Diego Mendoza, junior: After the Dark. It’s a Mr. Gray movie.”

Brady Kurowski, sophomore: “Any Quentin Tarantino movie because he is the master of storytelling and directing.”

Adam Rakers, senior: Inception because it’s got action and a good plot.”