Academy Chatter: What is your favorite part of Spring Week and why?

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Alex Eclavea, sophomore: “Probably the dodgeball tournament because it’s just funny and competitive.”

Jack Flis, sophomore: “Geez…I do know this year Blast Radius will be playing, though, so that’s definitely what I’m looking forward to the most.”

Maddie Glosny, sophomore: “De la Baie fest!”

Hannah Dercks, sophomore: “I would say on the day we dressed up like grandparents the other year.  Some of my friends said they were going to dress ‘hardcore,’ so I decided to join them.  It turned out that none of them did it.  I changed into my outfit after gym class first hour, and I don’t how many people’s eyes bugged out when they saw me.  My dark green bathrobe with dogs on it, my worn out slippers, and my messy hair resulted in embarrassment in Mr. Lagerman’s second hour Freshman Theology class.  Connor Hennigan wouldn’t stop laughing at me.  I guess looking like your eighty-year-old grandmother has that effect on people.”

Emma Del Frate, sophomore: “Mine was probably last year when we had the dress down for college day because I got to wear my most comfy clothes, and it was easy compared to the other dress down days.”

Olivia Allen, sophomore: “De la baie fest because of all the school excitement and activity!”

Collin Clark, junior: “3-on-3 basketball because bball is life.”

Rebecca DeBoer, sophomore: “I haven’t gone before, but I’m looking forward to all the activities and stuff.”

Devin Cribben, junior: “The dodgeball tourney.”

Alex McKean, sophomore: “My favorite part would be the De la Baie fest (obviously). This would be my favorite because it brings the whole school together to play games and have fun. It emphasizes the ‘community’ part of our school. Also watching the games and hanging out with your classmates is just as fun as being in the activities!”

Nick Markland, sophomore: “Dodgeball tourney.”

Morgan Christensen, sophomore: “Dodgeball tournament because my team of weak links is gonna kick butt.”

Alex Papacosta, sophomore: “The awesome dress-up days because last year I got to dress up as a grandma and wear the ugliest jeans ever.”

Maggie Miller, sophomore: “Definitely the dress-up days. There are always some really fun ones, and it’s nice to wear something different and funny for a change!”

Matthew Rader, sophomore: “The dodgeball tournament last year was pretty awesome, even though my team lost our first game…”

Ally Landwehr, sophomore: “I always love watching the dodgeball tournament, and just de la Baie Fest in general is really fun and exciting. It gives students something to look forward to before finals.”

Senora VW, staff: “I don’t think I could just pick a single event. I love how the school gets so energized and the students get so excited about service. I love the atmosphere it creates.”

Max Polack, sophomore: “Dodgeball tournament because I get to throw dodgeballs at kids.”

Madi Polack, sophomore: “I am really excited for the dodgeball tournament this year because I heard it was a blast, and I wasn’t able to participate last year because of a soccer tournament.”

Maddie Woodward, sophomore: “I am really excited for de la Baie fest because I have never gone.”

Grace Shaw, sophomore: “I was not able to participate in the dodgeball tournament last year, so I am very excited about that!”

Lily Schumacher, sophomore: “I like De la Baie Fest the most because it’s a really fun way to close out the week with all the food and fun.”

Clare Ravizza, sophomore: “My favorite part is the dodgeball tournament. Last year, I was rooting for IB Dodgin.’ Their slogan, “To what extent will we win?” was hilarious. Shout out to the guy in the chainmail armor!”

Elizabeth Bolin, freshman: “I’m not really sure what it’s all about, but I’m excited to find out!”

Dr. John Ravizza, principal: “I always enjoy De la Baie Fest because of the good food and laughter.”

Meg McHugh, sophomore: “De la Baie Fest is always a good time. Cheering on the IB team (IB Dodgin’) in dodgeball was my favorite part last year. ”

Olivia Escalante Ortiz, sophomore: “I like De la Baie Fest because the tournaments are fun to watch and who doesn’t like getting out of school early?”

Kelsey Mullen, sophomore: “The dress days are fun because they challenge me to be creative.”

Katie Romes, sophomore: “Studying for Honors Biology.”

Lily Schumacher, sophomore: “De La Baie Fest because it’s a lot of fun, and there’s a lot of works that go into it that really make it awesome.”

Deidre Bellmore, sophomore: “De la Baie Fest because of the food.”

Danielle Lippert, sophomore: “Dress-down days because it’s nice to be out of uniform.”

Andy Lampereur, sophomore: “Being able to wear sweatpants on Friday is my favorite part of Spring Week.”

Ben Weber, sophomore: “Baseball because it’s fun.”

Andrew Gruesen, sophomore: “I love the dodgeball tournament because it’s fun to get a team together and play your friends.”

Delaney Butterfield, sophomore: “I like all the special dress days and De La Baie Fest at the end of the week.”

Jenn Cluckey, sophomore: “The special dress days because it’s a nice change of pace from the uniforms.”

Annabelle Whatley, junior: “I like De La Baie Fest.”

Olivia Vanden Elzen, freshman: “My favorite part about Spring Week is getting forced into the 3-on-3 basketball tournament!”

Emily Agen, sophomore: “Probably De La Baie Fest because it’s really fun.

Kaylee Schill, freshman: “I like all the different uniform days because it’s fun to get to change it up!”

Jake Gryboski, freshman: “I’m excited to go to my first De La Baie Fest.”

Regan Umentum, sophomore: “I like dodgeball because the volleyball team is gonna win!”

Matthew Kini, sophomore: “Dodgeball tournament because I throw rippers.”

TJ Burke, sophomore: “I like the dress-down days because it’s relaxing.”

Hope Gourley, junior: “I like De La Baie Fest because I like reffing the dodgeball tournaments.”

Hope Krumrei, freshman: “I’m excited for De La Baie Fest because I can’t wait for dodgeball.”

Hannah Zehms, freshman: “I like De La Baie Fest because we get out of school.”

Bella Zent, freshman: “Definitely the uniform days because I hate having to wear the same thing every single day.”

Olivia VandenElzen, freshman: “I’m super excited for the 3-on-3 basketball!”