Academy Chatter: Looking back over this school year, what was the highlight, the best moment, of the year?

, Staff Writers, Advanced Journalism

Denice Aispuro, sophomore: “The best moment of this school year was just meeting more people and having closer relationships with those who were already my friends.”

Christopher Kapic, sophomore: “Winning state.”

Paul Gapinski, sophomore: “The best moment of the year was cheering on the boys as they won state for football, never cheered harder in my life.”

Devin Cribben, junior: “State football.”

Marisa Jacques, junior: I’d have to say Fall Fest. I’m looking forward to Academy Ball, too.”

Alex Eclavea, sophomore: “Oh, the best highlight might’ve been the day Nick Robinson made a water bottle explode in Sra. Dory’s 3rd period.”

Collin Clark, junior: “Winning state for football and being on a team with fun guys.”

Alex McKean, sophomore: “The highlight was Cabaret Night when my whole social studies class, including Mr. Mallien, sang to “Home on the Range” and then danced to that Miley Cyrus song. I was really surprised we made it to the end without being ‘booed’ off the stage. Overall it was really fun to learn the dance with my classmates and see everyone just having fun.”

Emma Del Frate, sophomore: “Getting on a bus at like 6 in the morning to go watch the Notre Dame Academy football team win state at Camp Randall or getting 100% on a Honors Biology test.”

Hannah Dercks, sophomore: “Making videos for the Tritonian!”

Rebecca DeBoer, sophomore: “Meeting new people and making new friends.”

Delaney Butterfield, sophomore: “The state football game was a lot of fun. Definitely worth getting up at 5:30 in the morning.”

Jenn Cluckey, sophomore: “When we were in Camp Randall after winning state.”

Emily Agen, sophomore: “It was all pretty great.”

Naira Martin-Gil, freshman: “When we won state in DI.”

Lauren Hummel, sophomore: “Going down to Madison for the state football game.”

Jonah Collard, sophomore: “The football team winning state.”

Kaylee Schill, freshman: “The highlight of my year was definitely meeting Liz Bolin.”

Michael Heide, sophomore: “Golfing.”

Jake Gryboski, freshman: “Seeing Regan Umentum every single day in Computer Apps.”

Regan Umentum, sophomore: “Seeing Jake every day in Computer Apps.”

Matthew Kini, sophomore: “Wheeling all the freshman girls.”

Olivia VandenElzen, sophomore: “Definitely meeting a lot of new people.”

Sam Drake, freshman: “Football.”

Hope Krumrei, freshman: “Probably meeting new people and getting involved with new activities.”

Hannah Zehms, freshman: “The football games.”

Hope Gourley, junior: “Mr. NDA.”

Laken Anderson, sophomore: “Dodgeball tournament.”

Andrew Grusen, sophomore: “Winning state football.”

Charlie Lemkuil, sophomore: “Making varsity for soccer.”

Max Pallini, sophomore: “State football.”

Jack Allen, sophomore: “Winning state football for sure.”

Meghan Yakel, sophomore: “State football.”

Madi Polack, sophomore: “Dodgeball tournament.”

Peighton Milton, sophomore: “Going to state for many different sports.”

Maddie Woodward, sophomore: “The USA themed football game and the back to school dance.”