Academy Chatter: What was the highlight of your summer?

Members of the Journalism classes, Staff Writer

Emma Del Frate, junior: “The highlight of my summer vacation was going on the Spanish trip to Costa Rica!

Elijah Dercks, senior: “The EDM Festivals.”

Alex McKean, junior: “The highlight of my summer was definitely Costa Rica!  It was an amazing opportunity to experience a new culture. I feel very blessed to have been able to go on the trip and I miss the beautiful scenery and the amazing people I met there.  I was able to explore the beautiful country a little bit every day, and it was all so breathtaking.”

Christian Van, junior: “Being able to sleep in till noon.”

Denice Aispuro, junior: “My highlight of the summer was finally getting my braces off and constantly going to the beach to play volleyball.”

Molly Gallagher, junior: “Probably going on a road trip.”

Izzy Vandenmeerendonk, senior: “Probably jumping off the lighthouse in the bay!”

James Fitzwater, junior: “Going snorkeling with my friends at Seabase.”

Hannah Dercks, junior: “Mine was going to the WILS leadership seminar and the college preparatory writing class at Northwestern.  I had such a great time at both events and learned so much!”

Jack Flis, junior: “I learned to syphon gas.”

Andrea Hall, senior: “Travelling to Nashville.”

Eric Weycker, junior: “Babysitting.”

Grace Fangman, sophomore: “Traveling.”

Rachel Stover, sophomore: “Costa Rica.”

Kyle Griesbacher, sophomore: “Going to Florida.”

Riley Onell, freshman: “Moving to Green Bay.”

Parker Olson, freshman: “Hanging with family.”

Molly Rader, freshman: “Traveling to Colorado.”

Leya Abujamra, freshman: “Traveling.”

Andrew Gruesen, junior: “My trip to Seattle.”

Morgan Christensen, junior: “Sleeping.”

Matthew Kini, junior: “Going on the Nicaragua service trip.”

Rio O’Toole, freshman: “Watching movies.”

Ben Gregory, freshman: “Playing baseball.”

Mitchell Grybowski, senior: “My 18th birthday party.”

Natalie Jacques, sophomore: “Watching Netflix.”

Erika Odberg, senior: “Kayak trip in the Apostle Islands with my bff.”

Paul Nash, junior: “Being with friends.”

Trinity Janowski, sophomore: “Going to Detroit.”

Carli Wendricks, junior: “Going to Costa Rica.”

David Torres, senior: “Got to suffer two months straight for speeding training and weightlifting.”

Hans Ernst, junior: “Running camp at Steven’s Point.”

Helen Treankler, sophomore: “Going to Florida.”

Jack Schumer, freshman:  “Went to Washington D.C. and New York on school trip.”

Stacy Rivera, freshman:  “Got to decorate ballrooms.”

Ernesto Navarro, junior:  “Soccer.”

Alec Hodkiewicz, senior:  “Going to South Carolina.”

Matt Vanderleest, junior: “Buying my Mustang.”

Cole Peters, junior:  “Working making money.”

Zach Roberts, junior:  “Amsterdam.”

Heather Ruby, senior: “Going to a Packer preseason game.”

Hope Gourley, senior: “The Dells.”

Madie Laaksonen, sophomore: “Going to DI finals.”

Micah Dennis, sophomore: “Going on vacation up north.”

Jack Perron, senior: “My birthday.”

Leo Darnell, sophomore: “Going to see a bunch of movies at the movie theater.”

Zach Pethan, senior: “Breaking my collarbone.”

Adam Homel, freshman: “Racing on Road America.”

Olivia Blumb, junior:  “Went to the Pro Football Hall of Fame induction.”

TJ Burke, junior: “Going camping in Dearborn, Michigan.”

Cole Cullen, junior: “Going to my cottage.”

Olivia Allen, junior:  “Going to Italy.”

Laken Anderson, junior:  “Going to New York.”

Andrew Webster, sophomore: “I went to Gardner Dam Scout camp which was pretty fun.”

Abby VanOoyen, freshman: “Visiting Mackinac Island.”

Elijah Dercks, senior: “Traveling and backpacking through the UP and the East Coast.”

Katie Kulick, sophomore: “Visiting the East Coast and becoming closer with my best friend.”

Anastasia Geigel, sophomore: “Going camping with my best friends.”

Logan Tennity, sophomore: “A camping trip with my friends.”

Abby Comar, sophomore: “Seeing G-Eazy in concert with my mom.”

James Kanning, sophomore: “Probably the trip to Detroit for a group called SHINE with my parish.”

Jan Espey, sophomore: “Visiting France this summer with an organization of people my age.”

Emily Seidl, junior: “Visiting Costa Rica.”

Howie Gerstner, freshman: “I went to South Dakota with my dad, and it was a great experience getting to take in beauty from somewhere other than Green Bay.”

Rebecca DeBoer, junior: “Going to Hawaii and New York.”

Matthew Rader, junior: “Traveling to Las Vegas for a week long basketball tournament.”

Callie Adamczak, senior: “Going camping with my family for a week.”

Maria Ehlinger, senior: “Going to Florida with my family.”

Carly Noble, senior: “Playing AAU basketball.”

Mary Zakowski, senior: “Being up north at my cottage for a week and spending the day reading and swimming.”

Kaycee Gierczak, junior: “Going on the trail and then getting ice cream.”

Meg Dwyer, senior: “Going up to Sand Bay with our family friends.”

Hanna Lech, senior: “Going to the beach with my friends.”

Anna Tristani, senior: “Getting a puppy!”

Madeline Darling, sophomore: “Going on a mission trip to Chicago.”

Grady Brick, sophomore: “Going to North Carolina.”

Avery Lyons, junior: “South Carolina.”

Ella Tristani, sophomore: “Not being in school.”

Grace Balison, sophomore: “Going on a road trip with my family and friends to Yellowstone National Park.”

Liz Scott, sophomore: “Beach boys, and going to see the Panic! At the Disco concert.”

Emily Burgess, sophomore: “The Adele concert and travelling with my family.”

Ally Robb, sophomore: “Traveling with my family and Summerfest.”

Abby Meyer, sophomore: “Sleeping.”

Josie Sullivan, sophomore: “Sleeping and Netflix.”

Chloe Capomaccio, sophomore: “Hot boys.”

Jack Gille, senior: “Best part of my summer was hanging with my buddy Chris!”

Chris DeBoer, freshman: “I went to Hawaii and Florida.”

Max Polack, junior: “Spending time up north.”

Jack Allen, junior: “Football.”

Gracie DeGroot: White water rafting in Costa Rica.”

Zhangchi Tian(T), senior: “For me it was sleeping.”

Jinfan Qiu, senior: “Eating a lot of spicy food.”

Kaifeng Tan, senior: “Playing computer games with friends.”

Danielle Spumoni, junior: “My stuffed Eeyore from Winnie Pooh.”

Tessa Jadin, junior: “Being with my family the whole time.”

Paul Gapinski, junior: “Went to Florida.”

Han Lu, senior. “Studying TOEFL all the summer.”

Frank Sun, senior: “Went back to China.”

Airs, senior: “Went back to China and traveled with friends.”

Jon Lemens, senior:  “Went to California.”

Kevin Santiago, senior:  “Spending time with my family.”

Jon Holzbach, junior:  “Going to Detroit with Trevor Burke.”

Maya Filon, sophomore: “Going to Spain with Grace Fangman.”

Jake Gryboski, sophomore: “Spending time with friends.”

Abby Anderson, junior: “Hockey in Milwaukee, made memories and new friends.”

Ariana Martinez, sophomore: “Spending time with my family and being me.”

Stephanie Walczyk, senior: “Sleeping in.”

Nick Messerschmidt, senior: “Camping on an island with a lot of Hmongs.”

Clayton Lisowski, senior: “Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”

Barrett Desotell, senior: “Getting struck by lightning.”

Johnny Santaga, senior: “I didn’t like summer.”

Nate Ihlenfeldt, senior: “Doing best friend things with my best friends who happen to be Chris and Jack. We caught a snake, and we are best friends. I love my best friends Chriz and Jackito.”

Jenna Wozney, senior: “Seeing Selena Gomez at Summerfest.”

Rachel Peterman, junior: “The 4th of July with my friends.”

Olivia Nelson, senior: “Road tripping with my friends.”

Ryan Ehlinger, senior: “The month of July was my favorite part of summer vacation.”

Brian Fang, junior: “Bmx.”

Fernando Yanez, junior: “Going to Dallas aquarium.”

Emily Gage, sophomore: “Playing in a soccer tournament.”

Drew  Gunville, sophomore: “The highlight of my summer was working at a summer camp.”

Heather Ruby, junior: “Going to a Packers preseason game with Christin.”

Beatrice Zemelyte, junior: “Going to Dubai.”

Frank Sun, senior : “Went back to China.”

Christin Roskos, junior: “Having a melon tasting party with my pals.”

Tian Zhangchi, senior: “All the food I had while I was in China.”

Li Huilai, senior: “Went to music festival with friends.”

Ni Junfeng, senior: “Taking a nap and dreaming in my sleep.”

Lin Yucong, senior: “Taking lessons and preparing for college.”

Adam Rudar, staff: “Staying with my baby.”

Ethan Wheeler, junior: “Going to Chicago.”

Alex Trigueros, junior: “Going to South Dakota.”

Stan Matias, junior:  “Coming to the U.S.A.”

Avery Lyons, junior: “Going to South Carolina.”

Chandler Zak, junior: “Going to Texas.”

Jon Fry, junior: “Going to Cali with the fam.”

Logan Braun, junior: “Taking a dip in the pool with friends.”

Alex Ruiz, junior: “Fourth of July weekend in Door County.”

Bryce Poshak, junior: “Chillin’ in the Smoky Mountains with the fam.”

Jay Stadtmueller, junior: “Going to a petting farm.”

Michael DeLeers, senior: “Probably just hanging with my brohs.”

Carly Noble, senior: “Fourth of July in Door County.”

Michael Shumacher, senior: “Patrick’s boat.”

Clayton Lisowski, senior: “Catching fireflies.”

Patrick Darling, senior: “Hanging out and having a campfire at my friend Ryan Ehlinger’s house.”

Jordan Flaten, senior: “Going to Florida.”

Matt  Krzewinski, senior: “Going to Cincinnati.”

Tommy Matthews, senior: “Traveling to North Carolina with family.”

Lachlan Johnson, senior: “Playing bags at Ryan Ehlinger’s house.”

Payton VanPelt, junior: “Film camp.”

Callie Adamczak, senior: “Sleeping.”

Maddie Reitz, junior: “Traveling to Europe for almost three weeks.”

Morgan Van Drisse, junior: “Going to Indiana for volleyball nationals.”

Alex Ruiz, junior: “The highlight of my summer was working at Green Bay Country Club. I learned a lot and made a lot of new friends! I’m really looking forward to going back summer in 2017.”

Morgan Christensen, junior: “Seeing John Cena live.”

Grant Noble, junior: “Going on a slip and slide with the student body president.”

Paige VanPelt, freshman: “Going to California.”

Logan Braun, junior: “Taking a dip in the pool with the boys.”

Sam Warpinski, junior: “I really enjoyed my croquet classes and I am really looking forward to summer 2k17.”

Greta Bosco, senior: “Seeing the Pope Francis.”

Lexi FitzGerald, senior: “Probably Lollapolooza!”

Ella Hunt, senior: “Umm probably Lollapolooza!”

Sarah Zarvan, senior: “Lollapolooza.”

Alex Steber, senior: “Getting the cape for FanMan.”

Rachel Sladky, senior: “Surfing.”

Jack Mickleson, senior: “Going to Japan.”

Mitchell Grybowski, senior: “Going wakeboarding with the guys.”

Isabel Canadeo, senior: “Going to Door County for the Fourth of July.”

Erik Sladky, freshman: “I went to Hawaii.”

Nick Messerschmidt, senior: “Camping on a island.”

Kassie Baeten, senior: “Going camping with friends ”

Ally  Groher, senior: “Ignoring Kassie Baeten all summer.”

Kelly Lamas, senior: “My trip to New York with my family.”

Emily Conard, junior: “My trip to Las Vegas to see my family.”

Madison Kaster, senior: “Spending time with my friends and family.”

Mrs. Kirschling, staff: “Visiting my brand new granddaughter.”

Ellie Sylvester, senior: “Going to Mackinaw Island with my family.”

Andrea Hall, senior: “Visiting Nashville.”

Erika Odberg, senior: “Hanging with my beautiful, hilarious, blonde, sun-kissed best friend Kassie Baeten.”

Anabelle Xiong, senior: “Being a part of St. Norbert’s Miss Saigon.

Michael Trgovac, senior: “S’mores and catching fireflies.”

Will Motquin, senior: “July 4th.”

Ryan Ehlinger, senior: “July.”

Chris Fineout, senior: “Root Beer Float Day!”

Madalyn Fiscato, senior: “Anna Tristani getting a puppy.”

Meg Dwyer, senior: “Going up to Sand Bay in Door County.”

Carly Noble, senior: “Playing basketball every day.”

Morgan Carlson, senior: “July 3rd.”

Sam Conard, senior: “Riding around in my 1998 Ford Contour.”

Abigail Comar, sophomore: “Spending a week at a beach house with my cousin.”

Julia Slusarek, sophomore: “My highlight was spending time with my friends at the pool and tennis court.”

Caragan Olles, freshman: “The highlight of my summer vacation was spending mostly all of my time in Sister Bay, Door County, at our cottage and jet skiing on Europe Lake.”

Ava Vande Corput, sophomore: “Checking out the hot guys at the lake.”

Bella Zent, sophomore: “Tennis with Daniel and Claire.”

Courtney L, sophomore: “Summer running.”

Claire Edgar, sophomore: “Climbing The President Mountain in Canada.”

Chloe Greenwood, freshman: “Hanging with my friends.”

Liam Edgar, alumni: “Teaching tennis.”