Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

In regards to the BYOD policy here at Notre Dame Academy, I believe the impact of the BYOD has been positive. Even though there are cons that come along with this policy, the pros outweigh them.

With the BYOD policy, students are given the opportunity for a more hands-on experience within the classroom. Whether it may be research, or reading an online source, students are able to have sources at the tips of their fingers. Labs no longer need to be booked for classes because their work time can take place in the classroom, which would also save the students and teachers time. While the cons to the BYODs are existent, teachers are doing the best to their abilities to have this policy make a good impact on the students’  learning. Students may take advantage of this policy, but since it is the first year our school has done this, there are sure to be changes made over the next couple of years.

Claire Rotherham, senior