Academy Chatter: What was your favorite part of Mr. NDA 2017?

Emily Landwehr, sophomore: “The talent section because it shows people’s creative and humorous side and it’s fun to watch.”

Evan Skaletski, sophomore: “Ben Lelinski’s act and his intro because it featured Sra. Stover.”

Jack Christensen, freshman: “Charlie Lemkuil’s statue talent. It was the most out of the ordinary and funniest thing I had ever seen.”

Katie Romes, senior: “I loved the foam. It made me feel like a little kid again.”

Noah Sternig, sophomore: “Finding out about one of the guy’s secret gifts during the talent portion of the show.”

Grant Allen, sophomore: “I really liked Ben Lelinski’s act.”

Ian Ernst, sophomore: “I liked Fuzz’s talent act.”

Emma Paulson, sophomore: “My favorite talent act was Fuzz.”

Caleb Ledvina, sophomore: “Ben Lelinski was my favorite.”

Sam Schmid, sophomore: “The intro videos.”

Howie Gerstner, sophomore: “Charlie Lemkuil’s talent.”

Joel Meglic, sophomore: “Fuzz’s talent.”

Evan Skaletski, sophomore: “That’s easy. Ben Lelinski’s act.”

Max Healy, sophomore: “Ben Lelinski’s.”

Anna Schaut, junior: “My favorite part of Mr. NDA was Fuzz’s skit.”

Ellie Rose, sophomore: “My favorite part of Mr.NDA was that I got to be in it.”

Katherine Walch, sophomore: “My favorite part of Mr .NDA was Sam Drake saying he would use Berber as bait.”

Bella ZinglerHoslet, sophomore: I liked Ben’s singing–that was funny–or the water fountain thing.”

Goretty Juarez, sophomore: “My favorite part was Jon Fry when he danced.”

Claire Kini, junior: “Fuzz French’s skit. He portrayed the original video so well.”

Mitch Chosa, junior: “Getting close with all the guys.”

Anna Schaut, junior: “Charlie Lemkuil’s act.”

Will Templeton, junior: “I really liked Ben Lelinski’s intro video.”  

Ryan French, junior:  “My favorite part was when I was able to share my act with my mom.  She has always supported me, and I was glad she up there with me.”

Payton Van Pelt, senior:  “My favorite part was Jack Allen’s video and Fuzz’s act and Sam Drake’s response.”

Josie Sullivan, junior:  “Fuzz French’s talent.  He was so funny.”

Torie Gantz, senior:  “Charlie’s spitting performance.”

Molly Schneider, senior:  “Fuzz French’s motivational speaker skit.”

Fritz Sehring, sophomore:  “My favorite part was Ben Lelinski’s talent.”

Thomas Zakowski, freshman:  “My favorite part of Mr. NDA was the intro videos.”

Molly Rader, sophomore: “Fuzz French’s Matt Foley motivational speech.”

Bella Zingler-Hoslet, sophomore: “Charlie Lemkuil’s Greek Fountain talent.”

Clara Blumreich, sophomore: “Ben Lelinski’s talent.”

Taylor Massart, sophomore: “The talent portion.”

Abby Wittler, sophomore:  “Everyone’s talents were fun to watch.”

Lauren VanGheem, sophomore:  “I liked the talent part of the show.”

Rachel Southwick, senior: “Jon Fry and Mikey’s dance was really motivating.”

Connor Hennigan, senior: “Big Al killed the whole show.”

Ashley Lemens, sophomore:  “I liked all of the talent acts.  They were all really entertaining.”

Matthew Radar, senior: “Max’s talent performance.”

Grant Shilbauer, senior: “Andrew Gruesen getting spit on.”

Evan Skaletski, sophomore: “Ben Lelinski’s balloon.”

Sophie Woodward, sophomore: “Mikey and Jon’s dance; that was super funny.”

Chloe Greenwood, sophomore: “The whole talent section.”

Joel Meglic, sophomore: “Ben Lelinski and Fuzz.”

Regan Umentum, senior: “My favorite part of Mr. NDA was watching all the boys’ intros.”

Madeline Woodward, senior: “Andrew’s talent was extremely funny and very memorable.”

Madison Reitz, senior: “Seeing some of my best friends perform on stage.”

Madison Polack, senior: “My favorite part was being able to be onstage as an emcee and seeing all the hard work that goes into such a great tradition at NDA.”

Meghan Yakel, senior: “Ben Lelinski’s helium singing!”

Danny Nennig, freshman: “Sam’s video.”

William Schneider, goon: “Ben Lewinski.”

William Templeton, junior: “Fuzz’s.”

Lucy Quidzinski, freshman: “John Fry’s talent.”

Myles Krzewinski, sophomore:  “Ben Lewinski.”

Sam Limoni, freshman: “Fuzz’s talent act.”

Edward Noble, freshman: “Fuzz.”

Jake Gryboski, junior: “Fuzz’s Act.”

Mitch Chosa, junior: “Being in Fuzz’s act.”

Aeva Verboort, junior: “Fuzz’s skit.”

Jack Kress, junior: “Fuzz’s skit because incredibly large roll made it great.”