Ideas for a “Staycation” Spring Break

Danielle Lippert, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

If you’ll be staying in Green Bay for spring break, it can seem boring and like you’ll only be staying at home, but Green Bay has a lot more to offer than just too much snow. There are a variety of things, old and new, that you can check out during your “staycation.”


Formerly known as the Titletown District, the park area right next to Lambeau Field is currently a winter wonderland. They have an ice rink and trail and a sledding hill. The trees are also lit up with white lights, so the park is absolutely stunning at night. All hours and prices for the activities in Titletown are on the Titletown website.

Lambeau Field

For most of us, this is a very “been there, seen that” kind of place. We’ve all been to Lambeau field at one point, whether it be for pre-dance pictures or for a game. Lambeau also has a lot more to offer. You can try out the restaurant 1919, take a tour of the stadium or visit the Hall of Fame. Even if you’ve been there a million times, you could find something new you haven’t seen yet.

Green Bay Escape

If you love adventure and puzzles, this one’s for you. Locked in a room with a few people, you have an hour to find all the clues and escape the room. All of the rooms have fun themes that everything matches with, including the clues and the back story. My family has done two of them, both in Wisconsin Dells, but we always have a fun time. Whether you make it out or not doesn’t even matter in the end because of how much fun you have during that hour.

Tundra Lodge

Whether you’re stuck here with your family or you have friends here as well, spend a day at Tundra Lodge. You can buy a day pass for the waterpark and spend the day there. Even if it’s cold outside, it’s always warm inside a waterpark.

National Railroad Museum or Neville Public Museum

If you love learning new things, check out one of Green Bay’s museums. You’ve probably been to at least one of these museums for a field trip when you were younger, but it’s always fun to go again. I went to the Neville Public Museum recently, and they had a temporary neon light exhibit. It was so cool, and I was so glad I had taken time to go see it.

Try a New Restaurant

There’s a ton of restaurants here in Green Bay, and there has to be at least one place you haven’t tried yet. Do some research and find a place that you would like to try. Grab your family or friends and go for a lunch or dinner. You might find your new favorite place to eat.

Madison or Milwaukee

If you’ve already tried it all in Green Bay and want to get out, head to Madison or Milwaukee for the day. You can visit the Capitol and walk down State Street, or you could visit the Milwaukee Public Museum and the Art Museum. Both cities always have many special events going on. A day or two in either of these cities would sure brighten up anyone’s spring break.

Whether you decide to try something new, stay home and relax or catch up on homework, remember to find some time to relax and enjoy your spring break.