Academy Chatter: What part of Academy Ball and post-prom are you most excited about and why?

Danielle Lippert, senior: “I really like being able to dress up with all my friends.”

Tori Gantz, senior: “In my senior year of high school, these last memories- for me- are what I know I’m going to look back on in the future when I think of all the things that made up my high school experience. I’m excited to smile during all of the parts I might have dreaded the past two years, to dance all night, have actual fun for once in the water park and make the night count until the sun comes up with my people. Without making my own experience worthwhile, Academy Ball could be just any other dance. I’m determinds to make it special, for me and by me.”

Nichole Michaletz, senior: “I’m excited to dance because there’s not a lot of places to dance in Green Bay, and I’m excited to go to sleep after.”

Maddie Reitz, senior: “I’m most excited to have fun with my friends at my last prom ever.”

Meghan Yakel, senior: “The pictures before because it’s fun to see everyone’s dresses and the people that went together.”

Payton Van Pelt, senior: “I like to dress up, take pictures and dance with a pretty dress.”

Rebecca DeBoer, senior: “Seeing Mr. Kriegl.”

Dahyana Flores, senior: “The water park and the arcade.”

Allison Rakers, senior: “I’m excited to hang out with my friends, have a great time dancing and playing arcade games.”

Paul Gapinski, senior: “I’m looking forward to the no-tables thing. More social seems like a good idea.”

Ryan “Fuzz” French, junior: “I’m looking forward to the dance part of prom because I think it will be fun.”

Lilly Brada, senior: “I love having an excuse to dress up.”

Liz Scott, junior: “Water park.”

Elliot McGinity-Schneider, junior: “I am excited for the dinner because I enjoy eating food with friends.”

Matt Hummel, junior: “The part I am most excited about is taking stupid, crazy pictures and swimming.”

Claire Edgar, junior: “Dancing and popcorn chicken.”

Maya Filon, junior: “The dancing!”

Madeline Darling, junior: “The dance! I’ve got some great moves.”

Jenna Cuene, junior: “I am very excited to go on the waterslides after, hopefully, a great night of dancing.”

Kaycee Gierczak, senior: “I am most excited to see how the food will go since it is different than last year.”

Lily Kabat, junior: “I’m excited to see all of the beautiful dresses there and going to the water park to show off my swimming skills.”

Elizabeth Schaupp, junior: “I am most excited to see all the beautiful dresses, the dancing and hot tubbing after the dance.”

Julia Slusarek, junior: “The thing I’m most excited about is the dance part of prom, but I hope there is good music and newer music.”

Rachel Southwick, senior: “The dance portion because it’s my last one, and I bet it will be fun.”

Peighton Milton, senior: “Swimming at the Tundra because it was really fun last year.”

Grant Noble, senior: “The food because it’s supposed to be really good.”

Mike Gregoire, senior: “Getting my disco disco on at the tundra because I like to dance.”

Kennedy Onell, senior: “The dance portion, that is always the most fun part. I’m sad it’s my last one.”

Mia Turek, junior: “I’m really excited for the macaroni bar.”

Anastasia Geigel, junior: “I most excited to spend time with my senior friends!”

Theo VanStraten, junior: “I’m all about the mashed potato bar!”

Maya Abujamra, junior: “I’m super excited to go to prom with my younger sister!”

Lilly Brada, senior: “I just like dressing up and taking photos!”

Maggie Miller, senior: “Probably the actual dance, I love dancing with my friends and just letting loose. It makes me forget about all my worries and always makes me super happy.”

Morgan Christensen, senior: “Definitely most looking forward to the cha cha slide.”

Madison Hansen, junior: “Getting ready with my friends.”

Bella Zingler-Hoslet, sophomore: “I am most excited for the waterpark and spending time with all of my senior friends.”

Leya Abujamra, sophomore: “Getting ready and being able to go to prom with my sister.”