Five Things Students Wish Teachers Knew

Ava Vande Corput, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Students often know what teachers think because most teachers tend to voice their feelings to their students. Students can tell when teachers are mad or stressed or pleased as well as perceive what a certain teacher’s expectations are.

However, most students often feel like teachers do not hear them, so here are the top five things that students wish teachers knew.

When students do not raise their hand, they often to do not know the answer.

Yes, sometimes students do not want to participate in class, but often when students do not raise their hand, they do not know the answer. Many students tend to answer the questions they know the answers to in order to not make a mistake in front of their teachers and peers. This especially goes for the shy individuals where speaking in front of people other than their friends is a daunting task. So, many students wish that teachers would recognize this more often, and stop using the popsicle sticks to call on them randomly, but instead go for volunteers more often.

We wish teachers would communicate more and not put tests all on the same day, especially when the end of the quarter rolls around.

It starts on Monday when one teacher assigns a test on Friday, and then by the end of the week, a student usually has about 3-5 tests while on Monday and Tuesday, there is not a lot of homework or any tests. So, many students wish that teachers would communicate with each other better to space out tests, quizzes and papers.

We are social creatures.

We are teenagers, so we love to talk as many teachers have noticed when they cannot get the class to quiet down. However, sometimes it is hard sitting in a desk period after period listening to a teacher lecture for forty-five minutes each. Some students do not have a study hall, so lunch is their only opportunity to talk from eight in the morning until three in the afternoon. So, when a teacher deprives a student of their lunch for a meeting, retaking a test or other event, students have a very hard time sitting still and concentrating for the whole day. We are social creatures, so sitting and listening to every teacher lecture all day can be very difficult which leads us to sometimes talking out of turn or talking during work time.

Sometimes we have a bad morning or a bad day.

We are not perfect, and we definitely are not going to come to class happy every single day. We are teenagers, so our emotions are all other the place. So, a lack of participation or a bad grade on a test or a late homework assignment sometimes does not mean we do not care. Sometimes, we just are having a bad day, so concentrating on how to take the derivative of a number or explaining what kinetic energy is sometimes is a hard thing to do when our minds are not in the right place.


Sometimes we just run out of time.


Many students, especially in high school, are very busy, so sometimes we just run out of time. With jobs, school, sports, family obligations and trying to balance a social life, we can’t do it all. So, instead of getting a good night’s rest, we often stay up late and live off caffeine in order to get a paper done or study for a test. Even with a few days to do an assignment, some students just run out of time when they are trying to get the assignment done for another class all the while participating in a sport or holding down a job.