Opinion: Adding Girls to Competition a Bad Idea

Aeva Ver Boort, Staff Writer, Journalism I

I am sure everyone has heard about the news at Notre Dame Academy involving Mr. NDA.  Advisers to the Student Government production have decided to let girls enter Mr. NDA., and they will now call it Academy Awards.  It has been Mr. NDA for 22 years and now we decided to make a drastic change that some people agree with and that some people are very frustrated with.  Mr. NDA was a competition that involved 15 guys where they showed off their talents and humor, and by the end one was crowned the winner.

Some students think that the tradition should not be broken and that only boys should be in the competition.  Other students say that it is a great idea that girls have the opportunity to compete in Mr. NDA., now Academy Awards.  It has mostly become an argument among the people at Notre Dame. Everyone has their own opinion, some more strongly than others.

Personally, I think adding girls into Mr. NDA is a bad idea.  I know tradition is not an excuse, but I think after that many years it should not be changed.  It is what the people are used to. The competition between the boys and the girls should be separate I believe.  If girls wanted to compete, we should have had a separate show for them, like in the spring. I am afraid that if a girl gets voted into the competition that she will get made fun of or embarrassed when she performs.  If she gets laughed at for something, I feel like it will make her more upset than if it was a guy. Girls and boys are very different. Boys can take a lot more than girls.

From what I have heard around school, everyone has their own opinion, but mostly there are more people angry than happy about the change.  I know there are people that could not be happier that this happened.

Overall, the show is going to be great no matter what.  I just hope that no one gets their feelings hurt. Who knows, maybe a girl will win the crown of Ms. NDA.