Bolin Reviews Saturday’s Academy Awards

Elizabeth Bolin, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Perhaps the most anticipated event of the year, the Academy Awards show (formerly Mr. NDA) was a huge success this Saturday. Ben Lelinski passed on the treasured cape and crown to our now-reigning Mr. NDA, junior Owen Brummel.

With the addition of girls to the show, the school waited with bated breath to see how the show would evolve… and whether it would be for better or worse.

I attended the show and enjoyed it immensely. Although it was not the best “Academy Awards” I have ever attended, I thought all of the contestants (particularly senior girls Anna Schaut and Katherine Zeise) performed admirably. The night was full of laughs, gasps, even tears and the fight for the crown was a close one.

In my opinion, the best intro was between Brummel and Max Timmer. Brummel recreated an iconic Bob Ross episode with a twist of humor, which was executed in such a way that the audience was left giggling while still feeling slightly sentimental at the thought of such a wholesome man.

Timmer utilized Notre Dame’s favorite teachers in a parody of the famous “Office” fire safety scene. The video was so funny that even people who didn’t recognize “The Office” reference were left shaking with laughter at the screams and chaos. No one will forget the day that “smoking is going to save lives.”

The talent portion had a wide variety of acts, ranging from a fortune teller skit to SNL parodies. Brummel wrenched hearts with his video sketch of his grandparents accompanied by an original guitar solo.

Anna Schaut’s contagious laughter and bravery during her “ranch” skit made her a stand-out as well as Katherine Zeise’s SNL chess cheer parody.

An honorable mention goes to Mitchell Chosa, a senior who pulled his name from the contestant list this year. Chosa was in the show last year and decided he would rather be involved in other people’s acts this year.

“It’s a lot of pressure, and I wanted to give other people who were more invested a chance to be in it,” said Chosa. “I had a lot more fun helping.” Chosa was in Zeise’s and Henry Weid’s skit, to name a few.

My personal favorite talent was senior Josh Cribben, who acted as an “anger translator” for the teachers of Notre Dame, and even included Max the Trainer! His comedic timing and character was spot-on and the fact that he performed alone was impressive.

All in all, the Academy Awards was a huge success. The girls proved they could hold their own against seasoned contestants, and all of the hard work paid off to create an excellent show.