Open Letter to Bye Bye Birdie Cast, Crew, Pit, Directors

Dear Musical Cast, Crew, Musicians, Directors and Parent/Promoters:

It is Sunday afternoon, and I have papers to grade, lessons that need preparation, and a house that could use a cleaning.  However, I can’t do any of these things until I get something off my chest–that is, tell all of you how wonderful Bye Bye Birdie was.  

I knew I’d enjoy seeing all of you perform; after all, I know so many of you and am fascinated when I see you outside the classroom setting–playing sports, dancing, singing, performing in Mr. NDA, whatever. My husband is always kind and goes to musicals with me, but he often dozes off, is anxious to get home, and generally never too excited about the show.  

Saturday night was different, though. Neither of us missed a beat, a moment, and we were both laughing so hard that I literally had tears running down my cheeks!  When Tressler did his Elvis dance in the shiny gold shirt and Hannah offered her “mature” shoulder and leg to Conrad, I had to stick my fist in my mouth to keep the shrieks under control.

The music of the pit, the staying in character when leaving a scene, your every move and character enactment even when it seemed there were 50 others on the stage with you–it was all so professional, so accomplished.  I would find myself poking my husband and saying, “Did you see the mayor’s wife dancing like crazy upstage center?” Or someone’s pantomimed “reporter” interview would amaze me. . . . not to mention the idea of watching Hoeppner change clothes on stage while singing a song!  

And now I know why Joey Rickards never realized Abby Meyer was Morticia in last year’s musical. . . that was NOT Abby Meyer but a totally different person she created who was the wife of VanderLeest, someone who has been good for four years, but blew me away with his BBB performance!  And, incidentally, the lady behind me kept raving about how “real” the kitchen was to the time period.

I could go on and on, but some of you would not have a prepared teacher in class on Monday. I feel better now except I still wish I could tell every single one of you in person how terrific you were.  Hopefully you realize how special you are, how hard work and dedication pays off, and how memorable you made this weekend to so many of us. Thank you!


An NDA Teacher