With Rights Comes Responsibility–What Shall I Do?

Vit Nosek, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

An ancient writing predicting and telling of the existence of Jesus–the Bible–is the world’s bestselling book. The majority of households keep the Bible on the shelf, and it has become the essential part of all Christian families and communities. But what makes it so extraordinary and how did it survive all the violence and wars throughout the years?

The Bible is recognized by many independent research groups. No credible historian today denies the existence of Jesus of Nazareth. Even though Jesus was a great teacher, no writing of his was left behind. Yet, despite all the clear evidence of Jesus life, many people don’t believe in God for distinct reasons. In my opinion, the question of abortion shares many similarities in terms of being strong in thoughts.

Two weeks ago, we were marching against abortion in Washington D.C. It was the 46th anniversary of the landmark decision by The Supreme Court, the case called “Roe vs. Wade,” which allows women to get an abortion anytime during pregnancy. Scientists have proved that if human sperm penetrates a human ovum, a new cell, called zygote, is created. One study from a British university says: “The new human zygote has a genetic composition that is absolutely unique from itself, different from any other human that has ever existed.”

In my opinion, there is no difference between the murder of a young embryo or any other human being in the world. Just for better understanding, since 1973 over 60 million unborn babies have died. That is similar to the number of victims of World War II. So, why do some people think differently and are willing to accept the murders of unborn babies?

Both stories, the origin of the Bible and abortion, have one thing in common. Its truth is being denied, in order to make life more comfortable and with less responsibilities. Some thinkers argue that there is a new generation with different interests and priorities. I don’t really like the process called generalization, but based on my discussion with several elders in nursing house during the March for Life pilgrimage, there is some difference between my generation and our grandparents. I was told that it was rare to support abortion in public because it may be a bad presentation of that person. Abortion was considered like a regular murder.

Nowadays, political liberalism quickly spreads between young people in many countries, which is good, but there is a one important thing that we shouldn’t forget–the idea of responsibility. In my opinion, some younger political activists emphasize all rights and equality for people, but with rights come responsibilities.

There are many great young Catholic servants leaders who wish to bring a peace and love of God to our communities. It’s very important to stay loyal to our true values and remember where we came from and who created us with a unique purpose. So, let’s follow our NDA bracelet and “serve one another in love.” Even the simplest offer of help may have the greatest impact.