Triton Spirit Prevails!

Gioia Cumicek, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Triton spirit is a dominant aspect of everyday life at Notre Dame Academy.

“The crowded student section where freshmen are hanging on to the top rail for sheer survival is the most obvious expression of the Triton Spirit,” said staff member Carolyn Brown.

Each year a senior boy and girl is voted to be FanMan and Mermaid who attend all possible sporting events. Their main goal as FanMan and Mermaid is to keep the crowd involved in the game and cheering. They continuously show their spirit through their encouragement in games and the capes they wear decorated with NDA colors.

NDA has shown its spirit through packed sporting events for years–from the student section at football games being so jam-packed that you can not breathe without being in the personal space of the person next to you to the pep band at basketball games providing additional support to the players.

A great deal of Triton spirit is focused on Notre Dame hockey. Every hockey game is full of students and parents cheering on the team and waiting afterwards to talk to the players.

Another way that Triton spirit is shown is through the attendance at non-athletic school events, such as musicals and plays. For example, Triton Fest has an amazing turnout of students, parents, alumni and friends. And not to be overlooked are the innumerable performances done at Cabaret Night by students and staff.

The Triton spirit is not always shown through events. It is also shown through set-up for these special events. A number of students and parents volunteer their time to set up for all the special events held at Notre Dame along with those who volunteer to participate in these events.

Every morning student and staff birthdays are announced over the loudspeaker along with details of upcoming events. This is a way that the school shows its appreciation for those in the Notre Dame community. Sporting highlights are also announced in the morning as a way to publicize and promote the teams’ hard work.

Finally,Notre Dame shares its spirit through acts of service. By going around to many different places–from Service NDA to campus ministry-organized trips–the Triton Spirit is spread all around the area.