Academy Chatter: What talent would you like to have and why?

Staff Writer, Staff Writers, Advanced Journalism

Charles Peterson, junior: “I wish that I could dance because I could get a better part in the St. Norbert musical.”

Anna Zimmerman, sophomore: “I wish that I could cook because then I wouldn’t have to go out to eat as much.”

Logan Skaletski, junior: “I wish I could play an instrument because when I was younger I tried and couldn’t do it.”

Matthew Schumacher, sophomore: “I wish I could play the trumpet because it is a cool instrument to listen to.”

Rachel Bal, junior: “I wish I could speak other languages fluently so I can speak to anyone in the world.”

Jordan Bellmund, junior: “I wish I could speak in other languages, so I could sound cool and speak to anyone.”

Melanie Luna Guerrero, junior: “I would want the talent to understand animals because I would really appreciate knowing what my dog is saying when she barks at 3 a.m.”

Hope Krumrei, senior:“The talent to sing well because it’s a talent you can take with you for your whole life, not just when you are young.”

Sonja Gapinski, sophomore: “The ability to draw because then I can doodle in my notes and make them pretty.”

Chris Torres, freshman: “I would want to be really fast so I can do anything I want.”

Helena Parmar, junior: “I wish I could cook so that I wouldn’t have to waste all my money on food.”

Emily Landwher, junior: “I wish I could sing so I could go on The Voice.”

Courtney Romes, junior: “ I wish I could speak any language fluently to communicate with people around the world.”

Samm Mecklenburg, junior: “I wish I could sing so I didn’t sound like a dying horse.”

Adison Karbon, junior: “I wish I had the talent to draw because I think it would be really cool.”

Emerson Dycus, junior: “Rock climbing because I could climb walls and not fall off.”

Ben Laluzerne, senior: “Mixed Martial Arts, so I could beat Sam up.”

Jay Strain, freshman: “Flexibility, because you’d be less likely to get injured.”

Bridget Charles, junior: “To play the violin because it sounds pretty.”

Ava Van Straten, sophomore: “Be better at art, because right now I can only draw stick figures.”

Katherine Fangman, junior: “I wish I was musically inclined because I think it is cool.”

Riley Onell, junior: “I wish I could dance to impress Chloe Capomaccio.”

Jacob Conrad, junior: “I wish I could sing to impress Chloe Capomaccio.”

Evan Walczyk, junior: “Drawing because it looks cool.”

Alex Broullire, junior: “I wish I was better at interacting with people because it is a good life skill.”

Monica Sosa-Hernandez,  junior: “Dancing.”

Abby VanOoyen, junior: “I wish I could be as smart as Adison; highly intelligent.”

Mariah Michalski, junior: “I wish I could be a ventriloquist and have one of those baking shows.”

Mrs. Kim Flinchum, staff: “I wish I could draw.”

Max Timmer, junior: “The talent I wish I had was singing because I like to sing, but I’m awful at it.”