A Senior Deals With Senior Slide

Aeva Ver Boort, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Senior slide is definitely a real thing.  When it comes to the end of your senior year, it becomes super hard to try hard in school knowing that you are already accepted into your colleges.  It becomes hard because you know you are about to graduate in a few months and you can’t wait to move on with your life.

Personally, I have not fully encountered senior slide.  I am still working hard in my classes and getting good grades, but I can feel myself not caring as much.

One way to combat senior slide is to just remember that grades still matter.  Colleges can still look at your grades after your acceptance. Also, if you keep up with your homework and grades, it will prepare you even more for college.  You also need to keep yourself challenged and motivated. You have to tell yourself that you can get through the rest of the year.

“My teachers say that we are not allowed to let senior slide get to us because IB exams are next month, but it is very hard to resist it.  It is very tempting when you are already accepted into college and everything,” said Maya Filon, who will be attending Marquette..

I have learned to appreciate my last days here at Notre Dame Academy.  Most of my friends are going to colleges that are not close to me which means I have to cherish the moments we have in school together until graduation.  

The memories I have made here at Notre Dame I will never forget. I have also learned to appreciate my teachers at Notre Dame and what they have taught me. I know I can bring the knowledge I have gained from them to college to help me.  

Unfortunately I was not accepted into the school that I wanted to go to, which was Madison, but I am proud to say that I will be attending Indiana University in the fall.  It was tough receiving the news of not getting accepted and knowing that my hard work did not really pay off. But I know that I will thrive at IU and learn lots. I plan to study interior design, and I could not be more excited.  

My tips for coping with college is that if you do not get into your school, know that it was not meant to be.  You have to realize how many amazing schools there are out there.