Freshmen, Freshmen, Listen Up!

Maxwell Timmer, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

As the NDA football season comes to a close, we are approaching the final game in our high school careers for the seniors watching and playing. Being a dedicated Triton fan, like most seniors, I wanted to take the time to give some advice to incoming freshmen who are about to start their high school student section experience. Here are some tips for the incoming freshmen on how to enjoy the student section during your high school career:

  • Come to every game.

Even if you are pushed to the back everytime or are forced to sing at halftime, those experiences are going to be the ones you look back on your senior year. When you look back on your high school career in the student section you’re never going to regret coming to too many football games, but you will regret not going to enough. Being a dedicated Triton fan makes the high school experience more fun and builds a bigger sense of community that you would not have if you didn’t attend. It also is a fantastic way to make friends. 

  • Listen to the seniors.

Okay, okay I know this might sound a little bias given the fact that I am a senior but trust me on this one. It makes the games easier to manage and more fun if you follow the cheers and “orders” of the seniors. You’ll understand this one more once you become an upperclassmen. It makes it so much more fun if you’re not a rude freshman. Just go with the flow of the game and be nice and you’ll be liked by most of the upperclassmen. Plus we will probably be more generous and sympathetic of you come freshman rituals at halftime. 

  • Avoid the drama at football games.

There is always going to be some drama going on at a football game. If you can try your best to stay out of it and just enjoy the game with your friends, it will be worth it in the long run. Being involved with the football game drama is just not worth it. It’s exhausting. Just be in the moment and enjoy the games while you still can. Trust me, the four years goes by fast. 

While all of these tips are extremely useful, the biggest thing is to not take it for granted. Soon it’ll be your last themed game. Soon you’ll be able to lead the section with your friends as seniors. Soak in every game you experience and be grateful that you’re a Triton because it doesn’t last forever.