Senior Cathy Baeten Urges Freshmen to Get Involved in Clubs & Service

Sam Schmid, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Many people have urged freshmen to become involved in multiple activities here at Notre Dame, and Cathy Baeten, a senior, sees the importance of being active in high school.

Baeten began expanding her reach freshman year when she joined brass choir and  jazz band.

“I was an eager musician looking for new opportunities to develop my musical ability,” said Baeten.

Not only did Baeten advance her musical capabilities, but she also created friendships as well.

“Band really helped me make friends easier and create memories that I can laugh about and look back upon,” said Baeten.

Music is not the only activity that has made high school memorable for Baeten.  It’s the service opportunities as well.

ASTRA Service Club is a real gateway into helping your community.

Along with being in ASTRA for all four years, Baeten has taken an extra step to help out other communities, both near and afar.

“My sophomore year I got the chance to attend the Chicago service trip, and it made me realize the despair and hardships that people can go through,” said Baeten.

This past spring break, Baeten went on the Canton, Mississippi, service trip as well.

“These two opportunities have made me thankful to be a Triton and use the impact Notre Dame has had on me to impact others,” said the senior.

Baeten views clubs, as many do, as a great way to socialize and build friendships during your time in high school.

“Clubs really give an insight into everything Notre Dame has to offer and more,” she added.