Senior Emphasizes Value of Study Tables

Monica Sosa-Hernandez, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Stress is lingering down the halls, and long nights of studying are starting up again. Finals are coming up just next week at Notre Dame Academy, and the students are getting ready to finish up the last of their lessons and review everything they have done throughout the semester. 

With the excitement of our two-week Christmas break just around the corner, students are getting anxious to end the semester and start their new classes. 

Some students, including myself, have been feeling a little overwhelmed with the fact that we as students need to review everything from day one to day 82. Thankfully, at our school we have study tables.

When I first came to Notre Dame Academy, I was scared about my first final. I did not think it possible for students to be able to know everything they had covered within one semester. I had asked my mother for help, and she had told me I had it easy. 

In Mexico, the students have to take only one final. That final was at the end of the year. The schools over there do not use any sort of “cheat sheet,” so you need to really know your material. The test is on everything you have learned throughout the whole year. 

After I heard that, I had more determination to end my semester classes well and acknowledged that I did have it easy. After my revelation, I decided to try studying my hardest. I am a person who gets easily distracted and is not so good at studying alone.

I decided then to try and study with friends. That did not go so well. We ended up talking a lot and getting off track. I had a lot of fun, but we all knew this form of studying was not working. 

I then decided to try and find somewhere else to study, somewhere like a cafe or a library, but I did not know how to drive, and my parents would never let me go alone at my age. So, there was only one possibility left, study tables. 

It was a Saturday morning, and I was excited to be able to finally get some studying done. I knew there would be some teachers there, so that was a bonus. I had been struggling a lot with my science and was nervous for that exam the most. I thankfully had my teacher present there so I could ask him for help whenever I needed it. 

I am glad that I went to the study tables, and I think it’s important for everyone to go at least once in their academic year because the teachers that you have may be there, such as my science teacher. 

The fact that the teachers were there to help to answer any questions and get rid of any distractions took my stress levels down, especially when I finally started to understand the material. 

When I walked out of Notre Dame Academy that day, I knew I was ready to take on my finals. I felt confident and secure. So, I encourage students to take some time in their day and come to study tables. It’s a fantastic way to get ready for finals, learn better study habits, get rid of distractions, and most importantly subsiding, or even getting rid of, your stress.