International Student Bids Farewell, Shares Appreciation

Tereza Kankova, Staff Writer, Journalism I

Studying abroad gives one a wider perspective on both the world and life but also important information about himself.

In my opinion, if a person has a chance to go abroad for some period of time, they should not hesitate and go. It gives you so much, and it might change your life fundamentally.

I learned so much about myself, how to be responsible and independent but also enjoy this time here and relax. 

Getting to know yourself better is a key element in healthy personal growth of each individual. My decision to come to the United States was mostly based on a desire to improve.

As I am a student at a bilingual high school with English used as a main language, studying in a English native speaking country would improve my speaking ability.

But it is not only about the language. You have a chance to improve in so many different ways. Self discipline, responsibility, independence and courage to be yourself – those are the things you can obtain, and even more. 

Why did I decide for America and why Green Bay?

America is perceived as a country where your dreams can come true. American citizens can think this is not true, but for many foreigners, America is really a country of unlimited options.

Everything is more open. This also applies to the people living here. No one is going to judge you, so you can be fully yourself. Everyone is really welcoming and friendly, especially the NDA community which helped me to adjust to this type of lifestyle. I had the chance to find such strong friendships that I hope will last despite the distance. 

Before I came, I thought that it would be such a difference to be in America. It was a brand new world for me, so big and unbeaten for a girl like me.

But a nice surprise is that people all around the world are equal. Everyone has their own life story, problems, reasons for joy. This was a realization for me. No matter where in the world you are, there is always someone who will be at least just a little similar to you. 

My organization gave me several options to choose from. Those locations were really different. I remember one was in Florida, one in Texas. You would think I was choosing based on the quality of education. And yes, partially I did.

But mostly, after going over all the schools, my final decision was made by looking at the environment and climate in those areas. This was a key reason why I chose Green Bay. This school has great classes which I wanted to attend and also climate really similar to my home so it made it easier to adapt. 

Notre Dame Academy fulfilled my expectations; the community here made my stay unforgettable.

One thing I will take home with me will be the picture of all the smiling faces of people that I had the chance to meet here. It was hard sometimes to adapt, missing my family, but these people were worth it. They showed me how to enjoy every single second of my life. Seeing their happy faces is the thing that I want to treasure in my heart. That will be a motivation for me to come to Green Bay again soon.