Academy Chatter: What was the highlight of your summer?

Elizabeth Williams, junior: “Getting back to volleyball.”

Max Rader, junior: “Camping in the Smoky Mountains.”

Will Zellner, senior: “Boating with friends.”

Jason VandenHouten, sophomore: “Going up north and spending time with friends and family.”

Steph Garcia, junior: “My highlight was probably spending time with non-toxic people and really living life like it’s the last day.”

Ricardo Torres, junior: “The time when i came to realize that mostly everything that we did before quarantine was taken for granted.”

George Kress, senior: “Highlight of my summer was seeing Garrett Grzesk go wake surfing for his first time ever.”

Aidan Eastman, sophomore: “Meeting my girlfriend and golfing.”

Cade Milton, junior: “Traveling around the country to play baseball.”

Carlene Goral, junior: “One of the highlights of my summer was touring colleges!”

Evie Rickards, sophomore: “My highlight of the summer was going creaking with my family.”

Jack Salzwedel, senior: “Getting accepted into college.”

Madison Waldrop, senior: “Getting a job at Lox, Stock, ‘n Bagel, and getting to hang out with friends.”

Cristina Flores, senior: “Getting my puppy Bailey!!”

Chris Charles, junior: “Playing golf with my friends”

Triston Behrend, junior: “Going to Mackinac Island.”

Nick Massabni, junior: “Hanging out with friends.”

Joey Bonadonna, junior: “Dropping 5 strokes off of my golf game.”

Nick Bumgardner, junior: “Spending time with my family.”

Levi Deidrich, junior: “Work!”

Hogan Anderson, senior: “The 7- on- 7 tournment!”

Sam Gille, junior: ”Seeing Joey.”

Caleb Steffel, senior: “Getting a PR on bench.”

Seth Baeten, senior: “The council meetings where me and my fellow brothers would sit in a circle sipping on Sprite while discussing council matters.”

Katie Vercauteren, junior: “My highlight of the summer was going camping almost every weekend. Spending time with my family and dog in my pool.”

Soo-Yin Brown, junior: “The highlight of my summer was the extra summer vacation we got because of covid.” 

Sammy Treml, senior: “Hanging out with my friends and meeting a really good friend group.”