Will Drake Salutes the Versatility of NDA

Will Drake, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Throughout my life I have been going to private school education. Growing up near Preble High School, a lot of the kids I hung out with went to Preble for high school. But I wanted to do what both of my brothers did and went to NDA.

I shadowed multiple schools but none had the atmosphere that NDA had. Going to NDA, my dream was to follow in my brother’s footsteps and represent the school and play for the football team. I cheered on my brother when they made it to Madison for the two years before I became a Triton. 

But God had other plans. My junior year was cut short due to injury, and my senior season has been in jeopardy due to COVID. Even though the plan for my high school has not gone how I planned, I am still very happy with my decision.

Throughout my over three-year journey at NDA I have been thrilled with the importance of community and emphasis on strengthening your faith. An emphasis on the complete person is at the forefront of the school and is something that I believe in.

The thousands of opportunities and choices you have really makes your high school experience your own. It is up to you how you want to live and utilize those opportunities.

NDA has also pushed me academically. The courses are difficult, but the teachers have such a great connection with their students–and that makes the material easier to understand. 

When you join NDA, you are not just a family with the student body; you are a family with the teachers and staff.

For any student who is considering NDA, it has a family feel like no other. NDA is more than just a high school for us; it is a second home for us, and it is a place where we grow in all areas of life.

NDA has versatility unmatched by other high schools.