Intramural Basketball Season Begins

Chris Wolcanski, Staff Writer


Intramural basketball returns to Notre Dame Academy once again after Christmas Break this year for any students interested in participating in good old fashioned competitive fun.

Games will be played every Saturday morning in the Triton Center as long as weather permits. Students will assemble their own teams of their friends and will play each team at least once, and potentially some twice.

Intramural basketball has become a tradition at NDA, as students have been enjoying the fun-spirited games for over a decade.

Mr. Bobinski, who runs the league, said, “I’ve been here for fourteen years, so it’s been going on for that long at least, maybe even longer than that.”

Intramural basketball provides a fun environment for students of all backgrounds to participate in a sport which they may or may not have played before with their friends and  to compete against other students they may not have had the chance to get together with before.

Isaac Hingtgen, a junior at NDA, who had never played basketball on a team outside of intramurals, joined a team last year because he thought it would be fun to play a little basketball with friends, with a little convincing from his teammate.

Hingtgen said, “It’s fun to get together and be active. My favorite part is definitely getting together with friends and other people I don’t know.”

Other participants are among those who have played countless basketball games outside of intramurals. Many have experience in the game but recently have stopped playing serious basketball.

Junior Matt Duffy played basketball in middle school and high school through the junior varsity level but lately has taken a different path.

Duffy said, “I want to play intramural basketball because I’m not playing a winter sport anymore and would like to shoot some hoops with my buds. I like to play and this seems like just the right mix of fun and competition.”

Intramurals truly is what you make of it. Whether you find yourself looking to have light-hearted fun with some buddies or looking forward to more serious action, intramurals is for you.

Duffy shared his outlook saying, “I’m participating to have a fun yet intense time. I’m looking forward to beating every team we play.”

Last year, a team of senior guys went on to win the intramural title and the free T-shirt that goes along with the glory and bragging rights of being crowned intramural basketball league champion, Bobinski said.