Intramural Basketball Popular at NDA

Jameson Verdegan, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Intramural basketball is popular at NDA. Everyone can play no matter what grade you are in. Everyone is encouraged to start a team and participate, and the games are played on Saturdays.

This year there are a total of eleven teams, and two of those teams are girls teams.

Off In School is currently the best team in intramurals right now.  That is a senior team with Ty Yewman, Jack Ritchay, Davis Elm, Ben Bouche, Jack Peterman, Mark Rowe, Connor Yakel, Adam Wozney, Cameron Lizowski, Jake De Leers and Colin Appleton.

The team to beat is usually the faculty team.  Ritchay, a member of Off in School, said, “The faculty team was too scared to play us this year.”

Teams are currently getting ready for the end of the season tournament.

Another good team in the intramural league is a team of junior boys who call themselves Team USA.  Off In School played Team USA and beat them both times, the first game by 15 and the second game by 10.

Team USA is seeded 4th for the tournament. Off In School is seeded 1st. Team USA is looking for revenge against Off In School.

There was a time, though, when Off In School almost did lose one. It came about when Off In School matched up against another senior team called Cohesive Stank. The game went into triple overtime, but Off In School pulled away with the win.

Intramural basketball is run by Mr. Brian Bobinski, one of Notre Dame’s math teachers.The games are refereed by varsity basketball players from the boys’ team.

“[The faculty team] is winning, as usual,” said Mr. Bobinski, a member of the faculty team. Other members of the faculty team include Mr.Peter Weiss, Mr. Greg Geiser, Mr. AJ Giovanetti and some of the football coaches.