Nothing Like Southwest-NDA Football Game

Nothing Like Southwest-NDA Football Game

Elizabeth Bolin & Clare Ravizza, Staff Writers, Advanced Journalism

The anticipation in the halls of Notre Dame Academy is almost palpable before a big game. In the week before the final season game against Southwest, it is particularly noticeable.

“It’s the most important game of the year,” said NDA sophomore Andy Lampereur. “We always want to beat Southwest.  They’re our biggest rival.”

No one can pinpoint the exact reason for the rivalry between the two schools.

Some students credit the friction to past transgressions.

“I think it was a bunch of pranks that started it,” Freshman Ryan “Fuzz” French said. “Now we just love to play each other.”

Another reason for the Tritons’ rivalry with the Trojans may have its roots in peewee football.

“A lot of the kids played together in Buccaneer Football,” explained Head Football Coach John Nowak. “Also, with the playoffs coming around, this game holds a lot of value as far as if you get a home game or not.”

Expectations and anticipations are heightened throughout the week at NDA. Steven Strutt, this year’s Fan Man, plays a big role in getting students hyped up for the big game.

“I try to pump people up on Friday and keep talking about it throughout the week to try and bring out as big of a crowd as we can. We want the student section to be as loud as possible,” said Strutt. “The rap and themes also help people get excited.”

At Southwest, a similar kind of enthusiasm takes hold.

“You can tell that everybody is really excited,” said Syanne Melchert, a junior at Southwest. “All the guys wear their jerseys, too, which is cool… everybody’s excited and happy, and they get along for a day.”

All of this tension finally reaches a climax once Friday night arrives. NDA and Southwest fans alike go crazy as the clock hits zero and the buzzer sounds out signaling the end of the game and season.

“We’re gonna win this game,” Coach Nowak correctly predicted.

In spite of the loss, Southwest’s fans remained optimistic throughout the course of the game.

“I want to say we’re going to win. You guys have us in the first half, but I hope we’ll make a comeback,” Melchert shared at halftime.

Nevertheless, NDA triumphed with a final score of 45-20, earning a home playoff game against West De Pere this Friday.