Carly Noble Ready to Lead as Mermaid


Claire Rotherham, Staff Writer, Journalism

Three-sport athlete Carly Noble takes on a new leadership role in the school, but this role is like no other.

“Becoming Mermaid is something I am super excited to get the opportunity to do and it is something I have wanted since middle school,” said Noble.

Being the athlete she is, she knows how it feels to be cheered for on the court, through the field and on the track.

As Mermaid, she knows it is her duty to get the crowd cheering during sporting events to support our athletes.

Some students may be concerned with how she is going to be able to manage her time coming to sporting events when she is so busy herself.

“Even though I participate in three sports, I go to as many sporting events as I possibly can. Now, with the title of Mermaid, I’m going to make it my goal to go to even more to support every team,” she said.

With the tradition of our Friday morning raps from the Fanman, Noble hopes that the students will hear some new voices over the loudspeaker, along with some other new traditions she is hoping to start.

“I hope to think of some new themes if possible, and maybe some raps sung by the Mermaid.  I also am thinking of starting a Twitter or Instagram account where people can send me their pictures from the game and it will be posted to that account.”

Noble has “very high hopes for the rest of this school year,” and is “hoping the sports teams have a good and successful year as well.”

What can students in the fan section expect at the games?

“They can expect a loud and energetic student section that has everyone involved,” said Noble.  “Anyone who wants to participate in any of the games or activities is welcome! I am open to everyone, and am also open to new ideas.”