Basics of Lacrosse Generally Unknown at NDA

Fritz Sehring, Staff Writer, Journalism I

Lacrosse is well-known throughout Notre Dame Academy, but do staff and students really know what happens in a regular game?

Lacrosse is a sport in which players try to shoot a hard rubber ball into a small goal. Field lacrosse features four types of players. They are attacker, defender, midfielde and goalie. Each team has three attackers, three defenders, three midfielders, and one goalie. That makes a total of 20 players on the field at one time.

There are also four forms of lacrosse that vary in equipment and rules. They are field, women’s, box, and intercrosse lacrosse. Field is exclusively male. Women lacrosse players have completely different sticks and no contact as well as many other rules. Intercrosse lacrosse is very uncommon in the United States but is found in many European Countries as well as Quebec, Canada.

Lacrosse is an ancient game that originated from the Iroquois people in what is now New York and Pennsylvania. Many believed it developed as soon as 1100 AD.

Notre Dame has a lacrosse team that is a part of the Bay Valley Lacrosse Association. Including Notre Dame, there are nine other varsity teams in the BVLA.

Last summer, I went to the Badger State Lacrosse Camp at UW Whitewater.

The camp was very demanding and we had practice eight hours a day. The camp was about three days long and each day we would have a morning practice, an afternoon practice and an evening practice.

Everyone was put on a team on the first day. There were multiples groups of teams that were based on skill. I was put into the highest skill group.

It was very difficult to play in this skill group because everyone else had much more experience and I had only played one season.

The coaching staff was also very demanding because many of the coaches there either coached for West Point or play for college lacrosse teams.

Even though the camp was very difficult and tiring, I would recommend it to anyone who has played lacrosse or wants to start playing. Keep in mind that the camp is lacrosse focused so there is not very much to do outside of practice.