Faculty Wins Intramural Volleyball Tourney for Fifth Straight Year

Nate Smith, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

One of the activities offered at NDA is Intramural Volleyball.  Students from the school can make teams with their friends and compete against other student-made teams and usually there is a faculty team.  

The winner for this year was the Faculty.  In fact, Faculty has been winning for the past five seasons, including this one.  The staff team consists of Ms. Rachel Weier, Ms. Megan Griffith, Coach Larsen, Coach DeLaCruz, Ms. Denice Rykal, Mr. Greg Geiser and Ms. Kimberly Uelmen.  

These are the individuals that have won the past five seasons. They did not win the year before because the faculty didn’t have a team the year before that.  

“There have been teams that were close to beating the staff team; however, this year was not one of them,” said Mr. Dan Winkler, who coordinates the program.  

The closest any team got was Team Hawley composed of Emily Hawley, Kayla Hawley, Hogan Anderson, JV Steckart, Alli Welker, Abby Micksch, Sofia Algas and Emma Cooper.  They finished second in the league as the top student team.  

The number of teams can fluctuate each year.  It’s usually from four to eight teams a year.  Being first in the tournament or even the first student team isn’t the only accomplishment in the league.  

The program also holds a best-jersey contest.  The winner this year was The Herd.  Individuals on the team were Maig McHugh, Kate Stumpf, Emma DelFrate, Emily Agen, Ashlyn Fitzgerald, Katie Coyle and Molly McKenna.  

Their jerseys were a t-shirt with a goat printed on the front.  People said that they would wear them for every game of the season.  

Another team with a creative idea was Bump, Set, Psych who stuck to a superhero theme.