Scripp Signs to Play Soccer at Spring Hill College


James Bosco, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Senior Stephen Scripp has played many sports over his high school career, including swimming, but soccer has been his dominant sport.

Scripp has decided to continue his passion for soccer at Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama. His official signing was Wednesday, Feb. 7.

Even though he will be continuing his Catholic education at Spring Hill College, he will be continuing it on a much grander scale. Currently about 1,400 students attend Spring Hill, a private Catholic college with Division II soccer.

Scripp’s interest in Spring Hill spawned from his grandfather’s having attended school there. In addition, his father also considered Spring Hill College, but decided to attend elsewhere.

Although playing soccer was high on Scripp’s priority list, it was not all that he was interested in.

“Playing soccer has been my dream for a long time, but going to a school that does not offer the important academic opportunities I seek and just play soccer was not on my agenda,” said the senior.

Scripp plans to study pre-med or biomedical engineering, following in the footsteps of his mother. “I want to be a physician, like my mother,” he explained.

Moving to Mobile, Alabama, will be a major change. He is looking forward to Southern hospitality and the warm weather. He plans on getting involved in Greek life at Spring Hill College and joining a fraternity.

A consequence of attending Spring Hill College is the sheer distance.

“Many of my friends will be attending Madison, and it was tempting to go there to stay close to everyone I was familiar with,” he admitted.  Even though he will be leaving his friends behind, Scripp is excited about his post-high school adventure.