Track Season Organizing for 2018 Season

James Bosco, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Track is a spring sport at NDA. This season, the team will be led by Mrs. Molly French and Mr. Chris Nowak. This is French’s second year as NDA head coach and fifteenth year of coaching.

According to Tyler Bergner, a senior at NDA, “Coach French inspired me to run distance.” A  number of football players run track to stay in shape for football, which was mandatory under the previous head coach, John Nowak, a 30-year veteran of the game.

“The most rewarding aspect of coaching track is seeing one of the athletes succeed and pass one of his goals, or attempt to do something, and finally achieve it,” said Coach Chris Nowak.  

Although track is a grueling sport, it has a number of benefits, such as the cardiopulmonary workout, and those who participate in a single sport are highly encouraged to stay in shape by picking up another sport in the off-season.

According to Coach French, We have a lot of athletes coming out for track that have not in the past.  I am very excited to see how they will help our team.”

Although many new athletes will be participating in track this year, there will be quite a few standouts returning, such as Grace Zellner, who will be sprinting alongside Connor Adams, Connor Bell and Brendan Limoni.

French is optimistic about the season.

“I believe we will end up being very strong in all areas of track and field this year,” she said.  

If you have considered joining a sport, track and field may be the sport for you.

According to Bergner, “If you are motivated by cross country or just want a harsh workout, join. Although the meets do take a long time, the practice and effort put into the event is worth it.”

Overall, many feel track and field is a way to finish the school year on a positive note.

Coach Nowak said, “Over the years there have been many kids that end up going out for track and say how much they enjoy it and wish they would have joined sooner. Plus, it helps make the end of the school year go by much quicker.”

A track and field meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 19, at 4:30 p.m..