Jenna Cuene: Keen on Time Management, Self-Discipline

Gioia Cumicek, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

By balancing multiple sports and academics, senior Jenna Cuene has developed time management skills in a well-rounded environment.

“I believe that hard work pays off now and in the future,” said Cuene.

From a young age Cuene has been balancing multiple sports, the violin, classroom expectations and a social life. Filling her hours with productive activities motivates her to work towards a lifestyle that is efficient.

Cuene is a part of the IB program and participates in two varsity sports. She is a varsity member on the cross country and soccer team at NDA.

Cuene joined the cross country team to spend time with friends while also exercising. She has won The Press Gazette Cross Country Girl of the Year award, been conference champion and made it to the WIAA state meet.

Through these experiences Cuene has learned many valuable lessons as well as developed mental strength and the ability to push herself.

However, her achievements in her other sport may be what most people remember.

“One of my favorite memories of high school would be winning the state championship in soccer last year,” said Cuene.

Her junior year the girls soccer team played against the WIAA Division 3 six-time defending state champion, Catholic Memorial. This moment, according to Cuene, took years of building footwork, agility and strategy for the girls. Ultimately, the dedication and commitment of the girls gave NDA its first girls soccer state title.

Although sports are a big part of her life, Cuene would like to find a career in both design and medicine or environmental science.

“I have learned that I am happiest outdoors or actively doing a hands-on project,” said Cuene.

She would possibly like to major in biomedical engineering, environmental engineering, ocean engineering, pre-med or environmental architecture.

“I would like to be able to help people realize the extent that this world has to offer,” said Cuene.

Through all of her experiences Cuene has learned how to time manage and build character around herself. She has built her physical and mental stamina, allowing her to push herself further then she knew she could. Along with the discipline Cuene has also made memories that will last her a lifetime.