Skater Lily Brabazon Competes all over Midwest

Gioia Cumicek, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Notre Dame Academy senior Lily Brabazon has been ice skating for fourteen years.

“I hope to become a triple-gold medalist,” said Brabazon.

In order to become a triple-gold medalist she must pass all the test necessary to become a “master” at one of the skating disciplines. Everytime you pass all the tests necessary for each discipline you earn a gold medal.   

The discipline tests consists of moves in the field, dance and freestyle. The individual discipline includes eight different test levels: pre-preliminary, preliminary, pre-juvenile, juvenile, intermediate, novice, junior and senior.

“The biggest accomplishment I’ve had from skating is earning my gold medal in moves. I started learning moves when I was 9 and passed my last test when I was 16,” said Brabazon.

Brabazon has competed individually with the NDA team and with the KICKS Synchronized Skating Team.

“I have competed all over the Midwest,” she said.

Individual competitions have two categories: non-qualifying and qualifying. For these two categories you can compete at any of the eight levels listed previously. The difference between the two is that at qualifying, you can qualify to the competitions if you place. You begin at Regionals and then can advance to Sectionals and then Nationals.

The qualification competition season begins around September and goes to March. There are small competitions and test sessions held year-round, so Brabazon trains throughout the whole year.

Brabazon practices everyday for about two hours, either after school or in the morning before school at five thirty a.m.

She skates at Cornerstone during the summer months and De Pere ice arena throughout the rest of the year.