Cribben Commits to Play Football at Michigan Tech


Ryan (Fuzz) French, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

One week ago senior defensive end Josh Cribben committed to Michigan Tech University.

Cribben was offered a scholarship for the level of play he has shown throughout his high school career.

While being his only offer from a Division II school or higher, Cribben says it would be his best option anyway.

“Michigan Tech is a great school and is going to set me up well for my future,” said Cribben.

Cribben only made a verbal commitment but is expected to officially sign to the school in February. The difference is key.

A verbal commitment is more symbolic and is a tradition that was started so athletes could pledge some kind of loyalty.

This commitment is also a non-binding commitment.

An athlete can decide to give another verbal commitment to a different school if he either get a better offer or just feel like it because the school is different.

A signing commitment is much different. It is the only way for a student to be fully committed to the school of choice. It is binding and is required before a student can accept a scholarship or be guaranteed a spot on the team.  

While football will be a focus for Cribben in college, he’s mainly concerned with his education.

“I know that my investment into football will pay off, but I’m really trying to focus on getting my degree in engineering,” he said.

Cribben is expecting to remain in the same position as defensive end in college.

However, he may have to hit the weight room and gain a few pounds to shore up a spot.

“They want me to gain weight and strength, so that I can play defensive end, but I’d do just about anything to end up on that field,” said the senior, who is currently playing basketball for the Tritons..

Hopefully Triton football fans will get to enjoy seeing Cribben’s continued success in the near future.


Cribbens stats from this last season:

Tackles: 60

Sacks: 8

Tackles for Loss: 16

Interceptions: 1