Super Bowl Showdown Set between NE and LA

Ryan (Fuzz) French, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

With the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams winning the two conference championship games last Sunday the Super Bowl matchup has been set.

This year will be the third year in a row the New England Patriots will be in the Super Bowl. Tom Brady will be playing for a record six super bowl titles.

The Patriots defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in OT. The Patriots last two drives showed the true talent that Brady can display and how the game is never over as long as Brady has a shot.

The Rams defeated, my personal favorite to win, the New Orleans Saints on Sunday afternoon.

Led by Jared Goff and Todd Gourley, the Rams were able to force the Saints into overtime and to pull off the win by kicking a field goal and stunning the hometown crowd in New Orleans.

My personal pick to win this year’s super bowl is the New England Patriots. Yes, Tom Brady and the entire Patriots organization is annoying but you have to respect them. They have been to the Super Bowl five times in the last ten years, many more times than any other team in the NFL. Besides the respect I believe the Patriots deserve, they have one of their best teams this year.

The offense led by Brady has a receiving core that is nearly impossible to stop. Gronkowski, Edelman, Hogan, Burkhead and a few more. .  .the team does not just have one or two great receivers but four or five that can beat any secondary they face.

Also Tom Brady and the Patriots’ offensive line faced the number one pass rushing defense last week and was able to finish the game with zero sacks.

The Patriots defense was able to hold the Chiefs offense and have an impressive stat of only allowing 53 plays from the Chiefs. Compare this to the 75+ the Patriots ran.

Granted, the Patriots defense did give up 40 points; however, the offense they will face next week is arguably not as good. Jared Goff does not have the stats anywhere near those of Patrick Mahomes..

Also, the Rams offense focuses heavily on Gourley and then throwing deep balls to Brandin Cooks.

Since the Saints were able to shut down Gourley, I assume Bill Belichick will be able devise a plan for the Rams.

In two weeks we will either see the Belichick and Brady combo expand on their record number of Super Bowl wins or see a new team take the title.