Hockey Team Hungry for Return Trip to State


Ryan (Fuzz) French, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

NDA Hockey has had a terrific season. The team has gone 12-6-6 and is looking to make some big moves in the playoffs

“We’ve had a good season but the ultimate goal for the team is to make it back to state,” said junior starter Riley Onell.

Onell and the hockey team have made strides not only in the FRCC but throughout the state. With a win over the University School of Milwaukee earlier in the year and a tie with Verona they have made heavy moves through the state rankings.

While the team does have several losses and ties, they have one of the hardest schedules in the state. Playing in tournaments in Hudson and here at home (the Titletown Showdown) the Tritons have made up for the losses and ties with the difficult schedule.

A reason for such a tough schedule and tournaments is because the team will face these good teams at either the state tournament or at late playoff games.

“Coach Corey (McCracken) schedules hard games so that we are prepared for the playoffs and so that we are used to seeing elite teams,” said junior goalie Bo Buckley.

The team will have their first playoff game against Ashwaubenon on Thursday.

With the Tritons having a hunger for a return trip to the state tournament and coming out hot after the FRCC conference play, no doubt they can get the job done and win another state title for the hockey team.