Ready for March Madness? Who Will Break Your Bracket?

Sam Schmid, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

With the calendar year hitting March, it is finally time to make your bracket for the annual college basketball March Madness event.

With an average audience of 5.6 million people, that means that someone you know will probably be watching this tournament.

Heading into March Madness, there have been many front runners, surprising and disappointing teams this year.

Some of the front runners include Duke led by RJ Barrett and Zion Williamson, Kansas’ overall depth and experience as a team, and North Carolina led by Coby White and Nassir Little.

Some surprising teams this year include our very own Marquette, who has climbed their way into the top 25, and Tennessee, who is having an outstanding year, knocking down many top teams.

Disappointing teams this year could be Washington and UCLA, both predicted to be in the top 25 this season, but ending up having average seasons at best.

Unlike past years, the playing field looks pretty even among the top teams. Duke, Tennessee, North Carolina and Gonzaga have all lost their fair share of games within their conference.

But as far as wrecking your bracket goes, Wisconsin and Nevada both seem bound to make it happen. Together, they are projected to receive 8 or 9 seeds, which is pretty demeaning due to both teams’ tough conference schedules.

Many people believe other teams will break their bracket, which is understandable due to the great number of teams in the tournament.

“I think Marquette is going to break my bracket,” said junior Max Timmer. “II feel like Texas will make a run for it,” said Mrs. Carolyn Brown, English teacher.

Last year, Loyola-Chicago and Rhode Island both had exciting Cinderella runs to end their seasons.

Villanova, winning the championship in 2018, hopes to repeat as they are projected a 5th seed.