Team Sullivan Defeats Faculty Team for Intramural Championship


Maxwell Timmer, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

The best part of the season was seeing that fun/competitive combination that is so hard to balance. Sports are meant to be both and we had a lot of that combo going on at many different points,” said Mr. Greg Geiser after his first season coordinating basketball intramurals.

The NDA Intramural Basketball season ended earlier this month with Team Sullivan taking the championship. Members of the team included Max Healy, Henry Wied, Grady Brick, Evan Walczyk, Owen Brummel, Wes Glime, Cade Van Hout and Will Sullivan. Intramural players averaged about two to four games every Saturday, and the season lasted about three months.

“The best part was the intensity of some of the games, and the competitiveness everyone had,” explained Wied, a member of Team Sullivan.”It feels good to be winners.”

Looking back on his first season Geiser sees the continuous success of Intramural basketball at NDA.

“Mr. Bobinski built a strong Intramural Basketball program, and I just picked it up where he left off. Overall, I think any team that had fun playing basketball was successful to some extent,” Geiser said.

While the season was overall a very successful one, Geiser also points out changes he can make to Intramural Basketball. He is looking into expanding the stats track for the teams and creating a spreadsheet to track it.

Another change is training the refs a little more and hopefully adding more teams to the fun.

Even with the success of the season, Geiser admits, the most disappointing failure of the season was “the first loss for the Faculty Team in several years.”

The Faculty Team lost to Team Sullivan, which was a first in a long time.

Intramural Basketball at NDA looks to improve on a very successful year and continue on its core of having a fun and competitive season.