Trap Team Members Urge Others to Join the Fun, Try Trap Shooting

Ryan (Fuzz) French, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

The NDA Trap team is beginning its third year of competition this spring.

The team was started by former seniors Jackson Strohmeyer and Cole Peters.

The first practice will be Monday at the New Franken Sportsmans’ Club. The team was scheduled to start this week, but due to some problems with permission slips, the start had to be postponed.

The team expects to be around four seniors and over ten juniors with additional freshmen and sophomores joining the program.

The seniors will be expected to lead and teach the underclassman in order to better prepare everybody for competition. The seniors are Ryan Martin, Tommy Martzahl, Owen Martzke and Max Sonnenburg.

Martin is a newcomer to the team this year while Martzahl, Sonnenburg, and Martzke are returnees.

The team is coached by Mr. Jamie Strohmeyer, who is beginning his third year as the main coach for the trap team. Mr. Will Peters also helps coach.

“I’m excited for the new season, and I’m ready to be able to relax and just shoot with some of my friends,” said Martzke.

While many see trap as relaxing and a way to let off steam, others may see it as a danger to students. The use of guns in a high school sport may seem wild to some people, but to those who participate, it’s not a large concern.

“I don’t really worry about it because you have to have a hunting license to participate, which means everybody is trained and has used and is used to the firearms that we will be around,” said Martzke.

The Trap team looks to return to state this year and can hopefully bring back some hardware for the first time.

The Trap state tournament is open to anybody on a team. However, individuals must shoot high enough to be able to win any type of medal or trophy.

The team lost seniors Cole Peters, Benjamin Lelinski, Jackson Strohmeyer and Allison Landwehr.

Landwehr was the best shooter on the team last year having shot consistently in the upper 40’s along with Peters.  

“I encourage all those who can and want to do trap, to come out and try because it’s a lot of fun and enjoyable,” said Martzke.

Freshmen and everybody else who has not tried out are heavily encouraged to at least try it once. All you need is a parent permission slip, a gun that can be used for trap, and the successful passage of the hunter’s safety course.